Directory of National Army Newspapers

On the inside of this supplement will be found a United States Army Map, showing the boundaries of the Military Departments of the United States, the locations of the National Army Cantonments, National Guard Camps, Officers Training Camps, and other institutions which are part of our country's activities in the great war “to make the world safe for democracy.”

Below we give a list of publications issued for the soldiers at the various camps. Owing to the constant changes at the camps, we cannot state circulations with any certainty.

TRENCH AND CAMP is published weekly by the National War Work Council of the YMCA in a number of camps, with the co-operation of a publisher of a daily newspaper in the vicinity of each camp. This publisher gathers the local news of the camp, prints the paper and controls the advertising. when advertising is carried. The paper is distributed free to the soldiers by the YMCA branches at each cantonment or camp.

Camp McClellan — ANNISTON, AL.

  • Camp McClellan (Pictorial), Semi-monthly, Camp Publishing Company, Birmingham
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Birmingham News

Camp Sheridan – Montgomery, AL

  • Sheridan Reveille, Every Morning, Sheridan Reveille Company, Publishers, Division HQ
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Montgomery Advertiser

Camp Pike – Little Rock, AR

  • Arkansas Volunteer, Saturday, 153rd U.S. Infantry, Publishers

Camp Fremont – Palo Alto, CA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, San Francisco Bulletin

Camp Kearney, Linda Vista, CA

  • Service Journal
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Los Angeles Times

Camp Johnston – Jacksonville, FL

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Jacksonville Times-Union

Camp Gordon – Atlanta, GA

  • Trench and Camp, Monday, Atlanta Constitution

Camp Hancock – Augusta, GA

  • 100 Tenth Review, Friday, On Hundred and Tenth Infantry, Publishers
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Augusta Herald

Camp Wheeler – Macon, GA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Macon Telegraph

Fort Oglethorpe, GA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Chattanooga, TN Times

Camp Grant – Rockford, IL

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Chicago News

Grant Park Naval Training Station – Chicago, IL

  • Binocular, Saturday, Enlisted Men of Grant Park Naval Training Station, Publishers

Great Lakes Training Station – Waukegan, IL

  • Great Lakes Recruit, Monthly, Ensign J. Clark, Editor; Great Lakes Athletic Assn, Publishers

Officers’ Training Camp – Fort Sheridan, IL

  • Fort Sheridan Reveille, Friday, Fort Sheridan Reveille, Publishers, Chicago

Camp Dodge – Des Mones, IA

  • Camp Dodger, Friday, 99th Division of USNA, Publishers
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Des Moines Register

Camp Funston – Fort Riley, KS

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Topeka State Journal

Fort Leavenworth, KS

  • Fort Leavenworth News, Wednesday, Officers and Enlisted Men of Fort Leavenworth, Publishers

Camp Zachary Taylor – Louisville, KY

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Louisville Courier Journal

Camp Beauregard – Alexandria, LA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, New Orleans Times-Picayune

Camp Meade – Admiral, MD

  • Camp Meade Herald, Friday, H. M. Keeling & L. H. Bradshaw, Publishers
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Washington DC Star

Camp Devens – Ayer, MA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Boston Globe

Camp Custer – Battle Creek, MI

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Battle Creek Enquirer

Camp Shelby – Hattiesburg, MS

  • Castle, Tuesday, 113th Engineer Regiment, USA, Publsihers
  • Liberty Guard
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, New Orleans LA Item

Camp Dix – Wrightstown, NJ

  • Camp Dix News, Saturday, Irwin & Leighton, Publishers
  • Camp Dix Pictorial Review, Quarterly [Monthly], Irwin & Leighton, Publishers

Camp Cody, Deming, NM

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, El Paso TX Herald
  • Camp Cody Bulletin

Camp Upton – Yaphank, NY

  • News
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, New York World

Camp Greene – Charlotte, NC

  • Trench and Camp, Monday, Charlotte Observer

Camp Sherman – Chillicothe, OH

  • Eighty-Third Division News, Wednesday, News, Old Division HQ Building

Camp Doniphan – Fort Sill, OK

  • Tiger-Hawk, Friday, 35th Division, U.S. Infantry, Publishers

Army Ambulance Corps – Allentown, PA

  • Post Exchange, Saturday, U.S. Army Ambulance Corps, Publishers
  • Ambulance Service News

Camp Jackson – Columbia, SC

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, The Columbia State

Camp Sevier – Greenville, SC

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Charleston News and Courier

Camp Wadsworth – Spartanburg, SC

  • Wadsworth Gas Attack and Rio Grande Rattler, Saturday, Enlisted Men of the 47th Division

Camp Bowie – Fort Worth TX

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Forth Worth Star-Telegram
  • Reconnaissance

Camp Logan – Houston, TX

  • Reveille
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Houston Post

Camp Travis, Camp Kelly Field, and Camp Stanley – San Antonio, TX

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, San Antonio Light

Camp McArthur – Waco, TX

  • Camp McArthur Bugle, Tuesday and Friday, Bugle Publishing Company, Waco
  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, Waco News

Camp Lee – Petersburg, VA

  • Bayonet, Friday, Officers and Men of the 80th Division

Marine Corps Training Station – Quantico, VA

  • Quantico Leatherneck, Saturday, U.S. Marines

Camp Lewis – American Lake, WA

  • Trench and Camp, Weekly, The Tacoma Tribune

Camp Borden – Ontario, Canada

  • Camp Borden Magazine, Monthly, Headquarters Sub-Staff, M.D.2.–

N. W. Ayer & Sons’s, American Newspaper Annual & Directory: A Catalogue of American Newspapers, Philadelphia: N. W. Ayer & Son, 1918

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