Starcraft Starmaster 8 Camper Trailer (1969)

The Starmaster 8 Camper Trailer from Starcraft. 1969 Print Advertisement

The Four Bedroom Ranch

Any cowpoke would love relaxing in this ranch house. Four comfortable double bunks give the Starmaster 8 Pop-Up Camper Trailer its name.

Sleeping room for eight; eating room, too, at twin dinette tables.

Smart, avocado-tone rangetop and sink match beautifully with the reversible gold and brown print seats and bunk cushions.

For smaller families, there's a Starmaster 6 that features a full-length wardrobe that folds for travel.

Six or eight, Starmaster ranches are home on any range. See your Starcraft dealer for yours.

The Starcraft Wide World of Recreation

Write for free 1969 Camper Catalog: Starcraft Company, Goshen, Indiana 46526.


Goshen, Indiana 46526

GG Archives REF: BPSTR-014-1969-C-AD

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