Starcraft's 17 Foot Capri Inboard / Outboard Fiberglass Boat (1972)

Starcraft 17 Foot Capri I/O Docked with Family Pickniking in background

Making your fiberglass boat rugged while we're making it beautiful.

That's Starcraftsmanship.

Starcraft has a simple formula for giving you the most fiberglass boat for the money.

Combine equal parts of beauty and durability into every boat every step of the way so you get top performance, economy, ruggedness and good looks. That's Starcraftsmanship.

The Design Phase

Starcraft's 17 Foot Capri Fiberglass Boat - 1972 Print Advertisement

It's easily said, but it takes Starcraft to do it. Right from the start it means Starcraft's top-flight design staff works hand in hand with our very best engineers and production people.

So when a prototype design performs and handles and operates with the efficiency our engineers know you demand, it's also as spacious and comfortable and as easily maintained over the years as our design people feel you would want. That's Starcraftsmanship.

The Production Phase

Then our production staff sets out to build you the Starcraft that our engineers and designers promised. They begin with a perfect master mold — anything less could flaw your Starcraft's performance, dashing design or functionality.

Then each hull is carefully made with successive layers of fiberglass, and each ply is hand-rolled to insure uniform thickness. Extra fiberglass is added at critical stress points, and extra stringers and transom support are also added.

The result is an amazingly strong hull, One that guarantees durability, gives you confidence in any water and gets you top resale dollar should your boating needs ever change. That's Starcraftsmanship.

We outfit the interiors with the same attention to ruggedness and beauty. For example, that deluxe vinyl is specially selected and installed. We don't want worries about spills or mildew or upkeep to mar your boating enjoyment.

And that same worry-free reasoning is behind every Starcraft's full 24-month materials and workmanship warranty that's honored at over 1400 Starcraft dealers nationwide. That's Starcraftsmanship.

The Owner of A Starcraft Boat

Pick any Starcraft and Leave the Rest of the World Behind - 1972 Ad Campaign

You're probably getting a pretty good feel for Starcraftsmanship by this time.

It's just simply that when you make and sell as many boats as we do you learn what people want.

So you take a little extra care to make them better or roomier or more convenient or less expensive or longer lasting... then boaters who own Starcrafts are happier.

And that makes us happy. That's Starcraftsmanship.

If you like, we'll see that you get a free 1972 Starcraft Marine catalog and the name of your nearest dealer. Just write and ask Starcraft Company, Goshen, Indiana 46526.

Pick any Starcraft
and leave the rest of the world behind


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