Starcraft’s American 16 Bowrider

Starcraft’s American 16 Bowrider: Built better where it counts.

Starcraft’s American 16 Bowrider: Built better where it counts.

Top Right: Cutaway shows plywood ribs, built-in foam flotation-all part of giving you a boat that's better built.

Practical Gear, Not Decorations

Note fittings, some chromed, some stainless, so they won't corrode. Quick-handling rack-and-pinion steering.

A top that unfolds in seconds for full rain protection. Few other runabouts have all these features.

Elegance That Lasts

Starcraft uses only marine-type carpeting, rugged vinyl for cockpit padding, trim of solid teak—premium materials help make this boat more durable.

Seating That Makes Sense

Bowriders and cockpit bucket seats let six people spread out comfortably— running flat out or trolling. The walk-through windshield makes moving around easier. And the cockpit seats fold down for sunbathing, uncramped picnicking or partying.

Cruising on an American 16 Bowrider

All Fiberglass Hulls Are Not Alike

Heavy wooden ribs, plywood floors, and a massive 1/2-inch plywood transom add strength to our already beefy fiberglass hull. Fiberglass roving applied by hand protects against bubbles, cracks and hidden weak points in the finished boat. And high-stress areas get extra roving for extra strength.

Some builders don't take the trouble. Starcraft does. That's why you can count on your American 16 Bowrider to take it, wherever you take it.

©1977 Bangor Punta Corporation


Goshen, Indiana 46526

GG Archives REF: BPSTR-043-1977-C-AD

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