Starcraft Bass Boat 16' Pro - Built with Starcraftsmanship (1973)

16 Foot Bassmaster Pro

If this is what you remember best after a day bass fishing your boat was probably built with Starcraftsmanship.

You don't buy a Bass Boat to impress your friends with a flashy boat.You buy it to impress your friends with a flashy catch.

At Starcraft,we never forget that fact. That's why we build our boats with Starcraftsmanship. Starcraftsmanship is, basically, a standard of excellence.

Coming up to that standard required us to ask a professional to help us design our bass boat. Bill Dance is recognized as one of the best bass fishermen in the United States.

Between Bill Dance and Starcraft, we've got a boat that he believes he can use successfully in competition and you can use successfully for pleasure.

Bill sees 4 outstanding features in the 16' Pro.

Starcraft Bass Boat 16' Pro for Bass Fishermen Everywhere. 1973 Print Advertisement.

First there's the basic stability guaranteed by a tri-hull and flotation unit approved by the BIA. At Bill's suggestion we built a molded inner liner into the Pro-hull for easy maintenance.

There's additional storage space. Lockable storage—big enough to hold six 7'rods.

And all the storage space is in more convenient locations.

Almost everything on the 16' Pro is a little more convenient.

The 16'Pro is also comfortable. You could almost forget you're fishing. Almost.

But more than all the features on our boats, our craftsmanship will impress you. It impressed Bill.

When we install a recirculating pump in one of the live wells, it recirculates.

If you turn around to get in one of the storage compartments, your chair doesn't get stuck half way round the turn.

Little things like that are important to Starcraft. Important to Bill Dance. And important to you. We know. They're the reasons you can remember a day like this one. And every bass fisherman in the world deserves that.

Write to us for more information about our 18' Pro I. O. and O. B., 16' Pro O. B., 16' Bassmaster Deluxe 0.B., 18 'and 16' Bassmaster O. B.; and the name of your nearest dealer.

Starcraft Company, Goshen, Indiana, 46526

The more you live with it, the more you appreciate it.


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