Starcraft Mini Motor Homes (1972)

Starcraft Mini Motor Homes (1972)

When you get away from it all, are there some you don't want to get away from?

For some people, getting away from everyday pressures and stresses means going off into the woods with a pack on their backs. But most of us want to take a little more.

At Starcraft, we build into our mini motor homes everything you want to take with you when you get away from it all. We call it Starcraftsmanship. It's the standard of excellence that makes a Starcraft mini motor home a luxurious home in the woods for your vacation and weekends. And a great second car you can use week days in town.

You can see Starcraftsmanship reflected in dozens of ways. In living space to stretch out and relax. In a kitchen as complete as the one you left behind. With a 3-burner range, oven, hood, stainless steel sink, big refrigerator and stainproof 35" working height counter tops.

In a bathroom complete with a molded fiberglass shower, flush toilet, sink, medicine cabinet, and light. In big beds made of thick foam cushions. In the large wardrobe and storage cabinets.

Starcraft Mini Motor Home Schematics

You get two different floor plans to choose from. And three different chassis: Ford, Chevrolet, or Dodge.

Each with deluxe adjustable driver and passenger seats.

You can choose from a red or green color motif with color coordinated draperies, stain-proof cushion upholstery, counter tops, accent paneling and wall-to-wall floor covering.

Starcraftsmanship sets a Starcraft mini motor home apart from anything else you can buy. And keeps going on after you buy. In our excellent warranties. And our high resale values.

See the Starcraft mini motor homes at your Starcraft dealer. Or write to the Starcraft Company, Goshen, Indiana 46526, for further information.

The time you spend in a Starcraft mini motor home will be the time of your life.


Goshen, Indiana 46526

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