Starcraft Marine CSS 160 B and SS 160 Runabouts (1983)

CSS 160 B Runabout

CSS 160 B Runabout

This year, America's most sensible runabouts are also America's most stylish runabouts.

Once again, Starcraft delivers sensible economy in exciting contemporary packages.

Starcraft has always been known as a company that builds practical, sensible, top quality products … affordable fishing boats, runabouts, and cruisers designed to deliver good operating economy through many seasons of use.

This Year, We'll Also Be Known for Our Style

America's most sensible runabouts from Starcraft Marine - The CSS 160 B and SS 160

Art Carlson, renowned boat designer, helped us with our brand new Contemporary Sport Series.

It's a bold, contemporary fiberglass runabout family available in sixteen and eighteen foot lengths with your choice of I/O or outboard power.

Of course, we also have our usual full line of sensible stylish aluminum runabouts and many other fiberglass models.

More selection than you can get from any other boat company.

Starcraft runabouts for 1983. Don't let their good looks fool you ... they're still sensible, economical boats.

SS 160 Runabout

SS 160 Runabout


Topeka, IN 46571

GG Archives REF: BPSTR-006-1983-C-AD

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