Starcraft Runabouts For Leisurely Afternoons on the Lake, Built With Starcraftsmanship (1973)

The 18-Foot Holiday Runabout

If you decided to spend a leisurely afternoon on the lake and this is what you remember best,your runabout was probably built with Starcraftsmanship.

Starcraft Runabouts For Leisurely Afternoons on the Lake, Built With Starcraftsmanship (1973)

The18'Holiday runabout isn't a racing boat. It's a practical family boat. That's why men buy it.

To cruise around the shore of the lake so gently they don't even disturb a dragon fly.

To take their sons for a day long fishing trip. To explore watery places.

To watch space stretch out so far ahead they can lose sight of it.

At Starcraft we never forget reasons like those. But we also never forget this.

Sometimes a man wants to cut loose.To open up that practical boat and see what it can do.To pull skiers.That's why we build versatile runabouts. That takes Starcraftsmanship.

Starcraftsmanship is, basically, our standard of excellence.

Coming up to that standard has required us to build the leading research and design center in the industry. A center that learns more about its customers' needs and can design the boats to meet those needs.All of them.

For example, Starcraftsmanship is the reason Holiday runabouts are made with light weight marine aluminum. It's economical. You can put a smaller engine on your boat and still equal or better the performance of a comparable boat of another material.

You save on gas consumption and engine weight.

Aluminum is also economical because it's practically maintenance free.The aluminum hull is so durable we give you a 15 year warranty against hull defects.

In fact, we expect everything about the Holiday to be as pleasing to you years afterward as it is the day you buy it.

Our boats don't have a lot of superfluous gadgets you can get tired of or wear out. We choose upholstery and carpeting carefully so the colors wear as well as the materials.

We put value in materials and craftsmanship. Lasting value. Maybe that's why our Holiday runabout is such a popular boat.

Maybe. Or maybe it's simply because the Holiday can do whatever you decide you want it to do. Even if you change your mind in midstream.

Write to us for more information about the Holiday line of runabouts from 14'-21',and the name of your nearest dealer.


The more you live with it, the more you appreciate it.

Goshen, Indiana 46526

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