Islander 21 Trailerable Family Cruiser

The Starcraft 21 Islander I/O Family Cruiser.

Giving you a biq family cruiser that’s trailerable and warranted for 15 years. That’s Starcraftsmanship.

The Starcraft 21' Islander I/0 above roomy enough for 10 people and with a cabin complete with upholstered cushions and backrests-was towed to the launching ramp. At highway speed. On a conventional boat trailer. Behind a car no different from your own. That’s Starcraftsmanship.

Starcraft 21 Big Family Trailerable Cruiser.

Starcraft makes it possible because every Starcraft aluminum boat is made of special 5052 Marine Aluminum alloy.

That means its really light weight, so besides easy trailering an aluminum Starcraft performs with more speed, better gas mileage and maneuverability than a comparable boat made of anything else.

And it will take the saltiest, most polluted water with only a yearly waxing to keep it looking new. That’s Starcraftsmanship.

Starcrafts do so many things well because we build them that way. They have the industry’s first one-piece bot. tom and a few other secrets we picked up from the aerospace industry. Like a hull unitized to etferior keels and interior "z" ribs and stringers with solid aluminum rivets.

The few hull seams that are necessary are triple sealed. It’s so well built that we warrant it for 15 years against metal fatigue, cracks and popped rivets (under normal recom. mended use) and for 24 months against defects in workmanship and materials.. That’s Starcraftsmanship.

Starcraft doesn't forget that the interior of a boat has to be lived in not just look good. So the interior is covered with a special vinyl that resists everything from ultraviolet rays to chocolate ice cream.

The windshield is safay glass. The cabin door is lockable. Positive foam flotation is standard on every Starcraft as is BIA certification in compliance with federal safety regulations.

But just as important to a family man. there are over 1400 Starcraft, dealers across the country. So even if you're a long ways from home you're never vep^ far from a reliable Starcraft dealer. That’s Starcraftsmanship.

You're probably getting a pretty good feel for Starcraftsmanship by now. It's just simply that when you make and sell more aluminum boats than anyone else you learn what people want, and so you take a little extra care to make them better or roomier or more convenient or less expensive or longer lasting...then boaters who own Starcrafts are happier. And that makes US happy That’s Starcraftsmanship.

Pick any Starcraft and leave the rest of the world behind.

If you like, we'll see that you get a free 1972 Starcraft Marine catalog and the name of your nearest dealer. Just write and ask.


Goshen, Indiana 46526

GG Archives REF: BPSTR-039-1972-C-AD

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