Smith & Wesson Chemical Mace Aerosols (1982)

Here's more great news! Famous Smith & Wesson Chemical Mace® aerosols are now being made available to consumers.

There is only one Chemical Mace® brand aerosol, manufactured and sold only by Smith & Wesson and proven in over 16 years of police service.

Smith & Wesson Chemical Mace Aerosols

While there are literally dozens of imitations on the market, Chemical Mace® aerosols offer three significant advantages.

First, there is no need for pinpoint accuracy. An assailant need only be hit in the chin area to achieve incapacitation.

Second, Chemical Mace® aerosols act quickly. Because of the high vapor pressure of the Chemical Mace® formulation, incapacitation time is from 1 to 5 seconds — the fastest of any aerosol not sprayed in the immediate vicinity of the eyes.

Third, Chemical Mace® aerosols are proven safe and reliable. It is the standard of the law enforcement profession and has been used thousands of times in its 16-year history without one proven case of permanent injury.

A Chemical Mace® aerosol can be a useful defense against an attacker at a distance of at least 7 feet. And it may be effective up to a range of 10 to 12 feet in calm air.

One or two 1 second bursts of Chemical Mace® formulation are usually sufficient to incapacitate the average person.

Like any product, Chemical Mace® aerosols may not work on every occasion.

No tear gas spray will always be effective against a person insensitive to pain because of intoxication, insanity or drugs. Nor are they usually effective against animals.

Used by more law enforcement agencies than all other chemical agent aerosols.

Smith & Wesson

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