Smith & Wesson Leather Goods (1982)

It takes a shooter to understand the way another shooter feels about leather. Leather to a shooter is more than a select piece of hide, perfectly tanned, molded and sewn into a holster or belt.

Leather is more than style, more than rich warm color and heady aroma. Leather is personal. A choice that reflects its owner's individuality.

Leather Goods such as this Holster from Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson understands. You can see it in the attention to detail, the perfect combination of function, comfort and rugged good looks of each Smith & Wesson holster.

You can see how S&W holsters are built to fit the gun, hold it firmly in place and reduce wear on the gun's finish.

Each holster is designed to position the gun for a smooth, easy draw as well as provide maximum comfort for its active user.

We've created and built a wide selection of sporting holsters, belts and accessories to meet every taste and demand. Each is crafted with uncompromising attention to quality and detail.

Only select, top grain cowhide, carefully chosen for strength, consistent thickness and texture, is used in Smith & Wesson leather. Sewing is done with pride.

Hand polishing is done with meticulous care. And every piece gets a long, hard look from inspectors who check every detail to make sure it meets our shooter's standards.

When your choice is Smith & Wesson leather, your choice is style, comfort and durability in leather you can wear with confidence and pride.

Smith & Wesson

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