Smith & Wesson Leather Handgun and Rifle Accessories (1982)

Smith & Wesson Leather Handgun and Rifle Accessories (1982)

Smith and Wesson make quality crafted cowhide leather handgun and rifle accessories that are designed to compliment their selection of leather belts. Their accessories for the hunter and law enforcement personnel include cartridge carriers and cases, clip pouches, rifle slings and carrying strap.

S&W Leather Accessories - Cartridge Cariers and Cases, Clip Pouches

Smith & Wesson Leather Accessories (Clockwise): Model 137 Cartridge Carrier; Model 97, the Rifle Cartridge Case; Model 133, the Double Clip Pouch; and Model 138 Cartridge Carrier.

Model 137 Cartridge Carrier [Above, Top Left], a perfect companion to the new Slimline holster and dress belt, is available in S&W pre-finished brown or black leather. The snap-on Model 137 holds six .38 or .357 Magnum rounds.

Model 97, the Rifle Cartridge Case [Above, Top Right]is molded from thick, top grain cowhide. It will accommodate an insert with 20 rounds of your favorite cartridges. Thick belt loops are riveted to the body of the case for extra strength and durability. Model 97 is available in plain russet.

Model 133, the Double Clip Pouch [Above, Bottom Right], has been specially designed for use with the Model 27 Sportsman Auto Holster. Ruggedly fashioned from our pre-finished brown leather, the Model 133 accommodates S&W Model 39 or Browning 9mm clips.

Model 138 Cartridge Carrier [Above, Bottom Left] holds 12 rounds of .38, .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum ammunition. A raised loop design, the Model 138 is constructed so the belt passes completely through the entire length of the carrier body to insure a snug, wobble-free fit. It will take up to a 1 3/4" belt and is available in pre-finished brown only.

Model 134 Double Clip Pouch [Not Shown], identical to the Model 133 [Above, Bottom Right], is designed to accommodate Colt 45 clips.

S&W Leather Accessories - Rifle Sling and Carrying Strap

Smith & Wesson Leather Accessories: Model 90 Rifle Sling [Top]; and, Model 91 Carrying Strap [Bottom].

Model 90, the Rifle Sling [Above Top], is ruggedly styled for rough duty. It's a military-type, one inch wide design with solid brass hooks. The Model 90 is available in russet finished leather, plain or basket weave.

Model 91, our Carrying Strap [Above Bottom], has become a favorite in the field. It's fully lined for extra strength and comfort, with the rough side inward to provide a non-slip surface. Model 91 tapers from 2" to 1" in width and is available in plain or basket weave russet finished leather.

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