Smith & Wesson Model 1000 Auto Loading Shotguns (1982)

Model 1000 Auto Loading Shotguns from Smith & Wesson

Remember the day you took your first shotgun out of the box? Your eyes feasted on the deep, rich blue finish of the barrel and receiver.

Your hands grasped the beautifully finished stock and fore-end. And that gun swung to your shoulder as naturally as if it were a part of your body.

The Smith & Wesson Model 1000 gas autoloader has been designed and crafted to recapture that special feeling.

The first time you swing a Model 1000 to your shoulder you'll feel the superb balance, the responsiveness of this extraordinary shotgun.

Wood flows into metal. Double sighting beads lead your eyes to the target. Take in the details of this shotgun that is made without compromise.

In quality, performance and value, the Model 1000 is a shotgun that will give you the pride of owning something extraordinary. Today. And for many tomorrows.


Here's the reason the Model 1000 performs when other autoloaders fail. The patented internal gas metering system compensates for pressure differences in ammunition to control bolt velocity and minimize stress on the receiver and action.

When magnum or high velocity loads are fired, the unique pressure compensator moves forward to release excess pressure.

Only the pressure required to move the hard chromed steel piston the two inches needed to function the short action bars is channeled through the stainless steel magazine tube.

The piston, in addition to serving as a strong, positive gas seal, expels carbon residue with every stroke in a positive, self-cleaning action on the cylinder wall.

The result is improved reliability and performance over old style gas systems. In these systems pressure pushes against metal rings,

with a single, fragile "0" ring serving as the gas seal, to drive a weighted sleeve on the outside of the magazine tube to function the action.

Added stress is created when the high pressures generated by the firing of magnum or high velocity loads slam the weighted sleeve back against the action and receiver.

And, unlike the Model 1000 system, which is sealed from moisture and dirt, these old style systems are exposed to the elements which can cause corrosion and malfunctions.


The steel locking block in the bolt fits into the barrel extension to provide the strength of a steel on steel lock up. Both bolt and bolt carrier in the Model 1000 are hard chromed steel.

They resist rust and corrosion to provide consistent, like-new performance and good looks. Shot after shot. Year after year.


The barrels are premium quality molybdenum steel. Cold hammer forged to length and shape. Then precisely reamed to gauge, polished to near perfect smoothness and choked with exacting skill to insure maximum pattern effectiveness.


The stock and fore-end of the Model 1000 are crafted from select American walnut, specially chosen for superior grain. They're hand filled, hand rubbed and finished for lasting durability and beauty.

And then extensive hand cut checkering, with sharp raised diamonds, provides the rare combination of aesthetic beauty with the functional demand for a sure, firm grip.


The quality of the Model 1000 is evident in every detail. The high luster blue finish. The smooth flowing, matte finish, cross-hatched steel vent rib. The handsome scroll etching on both sides of the receiver.

The broad, comfort contoured hard chromed trigger. The right or left hand cross bolt safety.

And the famous Smith & Wesson seal inset into the pistol grip cap. A signature that says we're as proud to offer the Model 1000 as you will be to own one.

MODEL 1000 2 3/4"

Whether you prefer 12 or 20 gauge, the lightweight, alloy receiver, 23/4" chambered Model 1000 is one of the most versatile shotguns you can find.

It's really five guns in one, because interchangeable barrels provide a choice of five chokes and four barrel lengths, including a 22" slug barrel with rifle sights.

That means the Model 1000 owner can enjoy a full range of shooting pleasure, from skeet to white wings to deer.


Even with a high strength steel receiver, the Model 1000 3" Magnum weighs in at less than a pound more than its 23/4" cousin.

In 12 gauge, the Magnum is available with a 30" barrel in your choice of full or modified choke. The 20 gauge Magnum is available with a 28" barrel in the same chokes.

The 3" chambered barrels supplied with Magnum models are designed only for use with 23/4" magnum or 3" magnum shells.

Magnum models will also accept 23/4" chambered barrels of the same gauge to allow use of any 23/4" shell including light skeet or field loads. Barrels chambered for 3" magnum loads may not be used on the 23/4" Model 1000 receiver.

Four Models of the 1000 Shotguns from Smith and Wesson

From Top to Bottom: Model 1000 20 Gauge, 23/4" Field Gun; New Model 1000 12 Gauge, 3" Magnum Waterfowler; Model 1000 12 Gauge, 23/4" Field Gun; Model 1000 12 Gauge, 3" Magnum


We've added a unique new Model 1000 to this family of fine autoloaders. It's the Waterfowlercreated specially for duck hunters who are tired of seeing ducks flare off at 60 yards when they pick up a bright blue gun with a shiny chrome bolt.

The Waterfowler is a steel receiver, 12 gauge 3" Magnum with all the features that make the Model 1000 today's top performing autoloader. And more. The Waterfowler has a dull, oil-finished stock. Receiver and 30" full barrel are Parkerized. And bolt and magazine cap have a black oxide finish.

And then there are the extras. A padded camouflage sling and Q.D. swivels, with the butt swivel flush mounted. The result is a dream gun for the duck hunter who prefers an autoloader.

The Waterfowler is only one part of the exciting Model 1000 story for 1982. You'll find more in the special section headed "Target Shotguns."

Smith & Wesson

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