The Smith & Wesson Biathlon Revolver (1983)

GGA REF: BPS&W-046-1983-C-FLY-2

What would you Give for this Work of Art?

This is your opportunity to place a value on a masterpiece created by Smith & Wesson to help support the U.S. Biathlon Association.

Smith & Wesson has created a Work of Art around its' Model 629, stainless steel, .44 magnum revolver.

Through the careful inlaying of precious metals, fine engraving and scrimshawed ivory grip, this Smith & Wesson becomes a masterpiece never again to be duplicated.

Smith & Wesson is donating this unique revolver to the U.S. Biathlon Association to help support a team, yet to be named, in training for the Olympic competition.

The detailed engraving on the revolver and grip depicts the excitement and endurance of a Biathlon. It is complimented by a gold inlay of the Olympic five ring symbol and the U.S. Biathlon emblem.

This revolver is fitted to a custom presentation case with an interior finished in red, white and blue. The Biathlon emblem, intricately inlayed with different metals, accents the top of the American walnut case. Scrimshawed ivory and an engraved brass plate compliment the keyhole.

Official Bidding Form - Biathlon Revolver (1983)

The U.S. Biathlon Association will accept sealed bids to buy this unique revolver until September 15, 1983.

Presentation will be made on October 9, 1983 at the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York.

Travel expenses of the winning bidder will be paid by Smith & Wesson.

Bidding Procedure

Bids for the Smith & Wesson Biathlon revolver should be made on the Official Bid Form (below) and sent to: Smith & Wesson Auction, do Henry and Horne Public Accountants, P.O. Box 3346, Phoenix, Arizona 85067.

All bids will be numbered and remain sealed until the official opening ceremony. Bids will be accepted beginning Monday May 2, 1983 and must be received with a postmark no later than September 15, 1983.

All bids must be received in writing on either the Official Bid Form or a piece of paper containing the bidder's name, complete address, home and work phone numbers and the words...

"Smith & Wesson Auction - my bid for the custom engraved Smith & Wesson Biathlon revolver is ". The amount of the bid must be expressed in U.S. dollars.

All bids will be recorded according to the date of receipt. If identical bids are submitted, the earliest received will be accepted. The winning bidder will be notified by telephone and must remit cash, or its equivalent to the U.S. Biathlon Association by October 1, 1983.

Failure to meet this deadline will result in disqualification and the next highest bidder will be notified. The revolver will be presented to the winning bidder at the Olympic Training Center — Lake Placid, New York on October 9, 1983.

Official Bid Form

Smith & Wesson Biathlon Revolver Auctioned by the U.S. Biathlon Association to help support a team, yet to be named, in training for the Olympic competition.

My bid for the Smith & Wesson Biathlon Revolver is $
Name (Please Print)
City State Zip
Work Telephone
Home Telephone

Bid must be postmarked no later than September 15, 1983.

Send to:
Smith & Wesson Auction
c/o Henry and Home Public Accountants
Phoenix, Arizona 85067

The bidding is open to anyone except employees and their families of Smith & Wesson, the U.S. Biathlon Association, their subsidiaries, affiliates and advertising agencies.

Smith & Wesson

Springfield, Massachusetts 01101

GG Archives REF: BPS&W-046-1983-C-FLY-2

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