Broad Range Of Quality Handguns and Knives (1974)

Look At Smith & Wesson: Broad Range Of Quality Products For The Sportsman

Sure. You'd expect to see the ultimate in handguns for the discriminating shooter. S&W has a reputation for the unmatched quality and craftsmanship skilled gunsmiths build into each and every Smith & Wesson gun.

Custom Crafted Knives

Look at Smith & Wesson - 1974 Advertisement

But did you know Smith & Wesson manufactures a line of the most beautiful knives you've. ever laid eyes on?

These are custom crafted knives. With blades forged or formed from S&W modified 440 series stainless steel.

Left side, top to bottom: Bowie, Survival, Outdoorsman, Skinner, and Folding Hunter.

Right side, left to right: Fisherman's Fisherman's Fillet. Bottom photo shows unique S&W Uni-Handle™.

All forging is done in Smith & Wesson's Springfield factory. And all blades are flat ground for increased strength.

Beautifully grained Wessonwood™ or rosewood handles are hand finished to a perfect fit between wood and metal.

Knives with Uni-Handle™ Design

Choose the Survival knife or the Outdoorsman knife with their UniHandleTM design with survival cavities for matches, fish hooks or line. Choose the Bowie, the Skinner or the Folding Hunter. Or, if you're an angler, choose the Fisherman's Fillet or the shorter bladed Fisherman's knife.

Premium Quality Holsters

Feast your eyes on that rich, premium quality Smith & Wesson leather. Your dealer can show you a holster that's tailored to your handgun.

A holster of top grain cowhide, carefully molded, hand polished and fitted. You'll find that same Smith & Wesson quality in a line of smart dress belts, rifle slings, carrying straps, revolver and rifle cartridge belts and cases.

Quality Products for the Sportsman

Look at Smith & Wesson. On the move with a broad range of quality products for the sportsman.

Our new catalog will give you the details on the full line of shotguns, shotshells, center-fire rifle and handgun and .22 rim fire ammo, handguns, holsters and leather accessories, knives and air guns. Ask your local Smith & Wesson dealer for your free copy.

"Sporting Goods Catalog," Smith & Wesson, 2100 Roosevelt Avenue, Springfield, Massachusetts 01101.

Smith & Wesson

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