Precision Made Handguns and Gunsmiths (1971)

The only two machines in the world that can do this job right.

Have you ever wondered why the sideplate on a Smith & Wesson fits so well you can har find the joint?

The only two machines in the world that can do this job right. - Smith & Wesson 1971 Advertisement

Why the functioning feels more precise, the trigger pulls smoother … fresh from the factory … than in other revolvers?

It's because the 60 or so parts, already machined to tolerances as fine as 0.0001", are put togetger and fine-tuned in the skilled hands of Smith & Wesson's fitters.

These "machines" are hard to come by. But they're what makes a Smith & Wesson a Smith & Wesson.

Meanwhile we're adding to our plant (and hands) as fast as we to make more of our guns available.

Would you want your handgun made any other way?

Smith & Wesson

Springfield, Massachusetts 01101

GG Archives REF: BPS&W-008-1971-BW-AD

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