S&W's Prize-Winning .22 Rim Fire Automatic Target Pistol, Model 41 (1971)

These brand new Smith & Wessons shoot pellets.  Honest. - 1971 Half-Page Print Advertisement.

These brand new Smith & Wessons shoot pellets. Honest.

The handgun looks like a dead ringer for S&W's prize-winning .22 Rim Fire automatic target pistol, Model 41. It is a close copy in weight, balance, feel and style.

It is very accurate, with a rifled steel barrel, fully-adjustable rear sight, 10" sight radius. And target stocks equally comfortable in your right or left hand.

Yet this new beauty is a safe; single-shot CO2 pistol (Cal..22 or .177) for low-cost practice and fun.

You get an adjustable trigger, with cross-bolt safety … a Low/ Hi-Power setting … with high velocities over 400 fps. Pellets and cylinders load easily.

The new Smith & Wesson pistol comes with 250 S&W precision .22 or .177 pellets, for only $35.00 suggested retail.

Yet it's U.S.-made by us, to S&W standards, in our Springfield, Massachusetts plant.

The rifle? With its man-sized dimensions (40"), weight (61/2 lbs.) and fast-loading lever action … you could easily take it for a new big-bore. But it shoots pellets, single-shot. With an automatic safety and unusually easy pumping that wake it a great "first" gun.

The accuracy of this new Smith & Wesson, with adjustable sight, rifled steel barrel,S&W precision .22 pellets and velocities up to more than 600 fps … will surprise you.

(If you can hold well enough, you'll get dime-sized groups at 25 feet!) The price? $42.50 suggested retail. And like the pistol,. the rifle is S&W born and bred.

Ask your sporting goods dealer to show you these new Smith & Wesson pellet guns. Or write for a brochure, to: Dept. AR2 Pellet. Guns, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Massachusetts 01101.

Smith & Wesson

Springfield, Massachusetts 01101

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