Smith & Wesson Leather Handgun Holsters (1982)

Smith & Wesson Leather Handgun Holsters (1982)

Smith & Wesson produced quality crafted, well designed leather gun holsters that appealed to law enforecement and sportsman alike. Only select, top grain cowhide is used in Smith & Wesson gun holsters.

Leather Gun Holsters Group 1

Smith & Wesson Handgun Holsters, Models 02, 04 and 11

Leather Holsters Group 1 (Left to Right): Model 02 Off-Duty Holster; Model 04 High-Ride Holster; and Model 11 Automatic Holster

Model 02 Off-Duty Holster [Above Left] is a smartly styled, snug fitting holster designed to accommodate most small, medium and large frame revolvers with 2" to 6'12" barrels. Model 02 has a single retaining strap and a sight protector. It's available to fit a 13/4" belt in black or russet, plain or basket weave.

The Model 04 High-Ride Holster [Above Center] is a distinctive design that features a breakaway retaining strap, an open trigger guard and a sight protector. Model 04 fits most revolvers with 2" to 6'/2" barrels. It's available in black or russet, plain or basket weave and is designed for 21/4" belts.

Model 11 Automatic Holster [Above Right] fits most of today's popular medium and large frame automatics. A rugged design, the Model 11 is a high-ride holster with a single retaining strap. For 13/4" belts, it's available in black or russet, plain or basket weave.

Leather Gun Holsters Group 2

Smith & Wesson Leather Gun Holsters, Models 21, 22 and 48

Leather Holsters Group 2 (Left to Right): Model 21 Blazer Holster; Model 22 Lined Holster; and Model 48 Blazer Western Holster.

Model 21, the Blazer Holster [Above Left], is one of the most popular holsters ever developed. It is designed to handle all popular single and double action sporting revolvers and automatics with 2" to 83/8" barrels.

The Blazer has burnished and waxed edges, a trigger guard welt and a snap-on loop for belts up to 3" wide. And it's available in plain black or russet leather.

The Model 22 Lined Holster [Above Center] is a premium quality, fully lined model with a built-in sight protector and a single retaining strap.

The Model 22 will accommodate revolvers and automatics in all frame sizes with barrels from 2" to 83/8" in length. It's available in black or russet, plain or basket weave. Model 22 holsters for guns with barrels 4" or longer have a 21/4" belt loop, and a 13/4" belt loop for guns with barrels under 4" in length.

Model 48, our Blazer Western Holster [Above Right], is an authentic western design for all single action .22, .38 and .44 caliber revolvers. A flared plate follows the contour of the holster and the holster loop is secured by two heavy snaps.

There's a leather leg tie and a looped thong that goes over the hammer. Teamed up with the Model 118 Blazer Western Belt, the Model 48 holster makes an unbeatable western rig.

Smith & Wesson Leather Handgun Holsters (1982)

Leather Gun Holsters Group 3

Smith & Wesson Leather Gun Holsters Models 27, 27L and 29

Leather Gun Holsters Group 3 (Left to Right): Model 27 Sportsman Holster; Model 29L Slimline Holster; and Model 29 Unlined Slimline Holster; Model 49 High Ride Concealed Thumb-Break Holster

Model 27, the new Sportsman Holster [Above Left] , is a dressy, close fitting, high ride holster. Crafted from pre-finished brown leather and lined in soft S&W blue suede, this holster is available in two versions.

One accommodates most popular large and medium frame revolvers, the other is designed for medium frame automatics like the Smith & Wesson Model 439 or 459.

Model 29L is our Slimline Holster [Above Left Center], that really stays tight and snug against your body. It's lined with a soft S&W blue suede that cushions and protects your gun.

Meticulously stitched and molded, the Slimline has belt loops for 13/4" belts, a wide thumb break strap and rides high in the favored "FBI" tilt. Available in pre-finished brown leather or dip-dyed black leather for 2" to 4" small or medium frame revolvers.

Model 29 is the unlined version of the 29L Slimline Holster [Above Right Center] and is identical to it in every specification except for the suede lining.

Model 49, the High Ride Concealed Thumb-Break Holster [Above Right], is an innovative S&W design that hides the popular thumb-break behind the grips of the gun.

And even though it's protected from accidental bumping or snagging, it's exactly where the thumb will naturally release the retaining strap as the hand moves to draw the gun.

Model 49 has a leather lining, a durable polyurethane thumb-break and a full welt. Available with a 13/4" belt loop for 2" small frame revolvers and a 21/4" belt loop for medium and large frame revolvers with barrels up to 6" in length. In black or russet, plain or basket weave.

Leather Gun Holsters Group 4

Smith & Wesson Gun Holsters Models 49, 28 and 43

Leather Gun Holsters Group 4 (Left to Right): Model 28 Ankle Holster; and Model 43 Shoulder Holster.

Model 28 is our new Ankle Holster [Above Center], and one of the most comfortable on the market. A padded lining and a high area of the holster extend behind the gun to protect the leg from chafing.

There's no hammer strap on the revolver model which means, in addition to the fast, easy draw, the ankle holster will accommodate S&W's popular Bodyguard° model.

An adjustable tab tailors the fit of the holster to the gun. All synthetic, the Model 28 fits 2" revolvers and small automatics. In black only.

Model 43 Shoulder Holster [Above Right] is a fast draw, breakout spring tension design. No metal parts are exposed to the gun.

A glove leather shoulder strap and elasticized nylon harness adjust to the wearer's body for maximum comfort. An offset belt strap pulls the gun close to the body.

There's a removable belt strap on the opposite side and an adjustable hammer strap for added security. In brown, it handles small, medium and large frame revolvers with barrels from 2 to 61/2 inches and large frame automatics.

Model 45 Lined Shoulder Holster [Not Shown] is a fully lined version of the Model 43.

Smith & Wesson

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