Smith & Wesson Folding Knives and Custom Etched Knives(1982)

Smith & Wesson Folding Knives and Custom Etched Knives(1982

Ultra-Thin Sportsman's Knives

Smith & Wesson's Ultra-Thin combines the functional design of a lock-back sporting knife with the convenience of a pocket knife. Made entirely of stainless steel, these good looking knives are only 1/4" thick and a mere 3" long when closed. And they're contoured to protect your pockets.

Demonstration of the Smith & Wesson Folding Knives

Open there's 2 1/8" of razor sharp, 440 stainless blade that makes the Ultra-Thin one of the most versatile as well as beautiful knives on the market.

Model 6063 Ultra-Thin [Below, Left, Second from Top] has a clip point blade.

Model 6064 Ultra-Thin [Below, Left, Second from Bottom] has a drop point blade.

The Shooter's Knife

We designed this totally stainless steel knife for the handgunner. In addition to the smart styling and lock back blade design it shares with S&W's Ultra-Thin knives, the Shooter's Knife has a screwdriver blade that's just the right size for adjusting sights. (Or the screws on fishing reels.)

Model 6065 Shooter's Knife [Below, Bottom Left] has a drop point blade.

Smith & Wesson Folding Knives - 1982 Catalog

The Swingblade Sporter

An innovative new Smith & Wesson design, the new Swingblade Sporter is a rare example of utilitarian beauty. It's entirely stainless in construction to provide the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance for years of pleasure and service.

The 3" blade, flat ground from 440 stainless steel, provides plenty of razor sharp cutting edge. The shroud securely locks the blade in the open position as well as enclosing and protecting the blade when closed.

Weighing in at a mere 4 ounces, the Swingblade Sporter is only 5/16" thick and 4 3/4" long when closed, ideal for hunting, backpacking or camping. It's furnished with a Wessonhide pocket sheath and an optional belt sheath is also available.

Model 6041 Swingblade Sporter [Above, Top Left]

The Swingblade Boot Knife

This newest addition to Smith & Wesson's growing family of sportsman's knives shares the innovative design of the Swingblade Sporter. The Swingblade Boot Knife is also crafted entirely from stainless steel and features a razor sharp, double edged blade that's 3 1/8" long.

The pivoting shroud locks the blade open and protects the blade when the knife is closed. The Swingblade Boot Knife weighs 4 1/2 ounces, is 4 1/2" in length closed, 7 3/4" in length when open and only 5/16" in width. It's furnished with a clip type boot/belt sheath.

Model 6042 Swingblade Boot Knife [Above, Top Right]

Maverick Folding Hunters

There's a rare combination of durability and ruggedly handsome styling in Maverick folding hunters. Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, the Mavericks have a recessed lock release and a brass stop that prevents overtravel and blade damage.

A notched tang provides a positive secure lock for the open blade. And genuine rosewood inlays highlight a hand filling handle that's contoured for a sure, firm grip.

The 3 1/2" blades are flat ground from 440 stainless steel for strength and the ability to hold their razor sharp edge. A rugged, snap flap Wessonhide sheath is provided with each knife.

Model 6061 Maverick [Above, Middle Right] has a clip point blade.

Model 6062 Maverick [Above, Bottom Right] has a drop point blade.

Custom Etched Knives

In response to numerous requests, Smith & Wesson is now offering custom factory etching on Ultra-Thin Sportsman's Knives and Shooter's Knife handles and the blades of Maverick folding hunters.

These useful and handsome knives make ideal gifts, commemoratives and mementos of special occasions such as class reunions. We've shown four examples to spark your imagination.

Smith & Wesson Custom Etched Knives

Minimum order is six dozen of any single design. Any Smith & Wesson distributor will be happy to provide your local dealer with complete information and prices.

Smith & Wesson

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