Smith & Wesson Handgun Accessories

Rack of Brochures on Smith & Wesson Handgun Accessories

If you're a Smith & Wesson handgun enthusiast, you'll want to look for this display of brochures for handgun accessories at your favorite gun shop.

You'll find checkered and plain target stocks in beautifully grained Goncalo Alves and checkered walnut for every revolver in the Smith & Wessonb line.

Round and square butt J frame, round and square butt K and L frame, and square butt N frame.

There are new combat stocks in Goncalo Alves, too, for round butt J and K frames and square butt J, K and L frames.

White outline rear sight assemblies are included for K and L frame revolvers, Model 25-5, Models 25 and 27 with 8 3/8" barrels.

Plain rear sight assemblies are offered for K and L frames, Model 27 with 4 1/2" and 5" barrels and Model 29 with an 8 3/8" barrel. And there are fully adjustable rear sight assemblies for Models 39 and 59 semiautomatic pistols.

There are .400" wide target triggers, either smooth or serrated for K, L, and N frame revolvers and a single action trigger kit for all K frame revolvers except .22 caliber.

You'll find target hammers, too, .500" wide for all K frame centerfire and N frame handguns and .400" wide for N frames.

And there's more. The handy S&W screwdriver. Cotton swabs for .22, .38/ .357 and .44 calibers. Wire brushes for the same calibers. And halfmoon clips for Model 25-2 (.45 ACP.)

Smith & Wesson

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