Smith & Wesson Custom Engraving (1982)

Smith & Wesson Custom Engraving

An ancient and time-honored art form is practiced by a highly talented group of people at Smith & Wesson. They are our custom engravers. With their creativity and skill they can turn any gun or knife into a unique work of art.

Close-up of Smith & Wesson Custom Engraved Gun

Unique is the key word. No two engravings turned out by these artists are the same. Their work on each piece begins with a series of sketches that painstakingly detail the work to be done before a tool is ever put to metal.

Class A Custom Engraving by Smith & Wesson

The distinctive designs executed by these gifted people are offered in your choice of three classes of coverage.

Class A [Above] provides virtually full coverage of the piece.

Class B [First Image Below] provides approximately 2/3 coverage.

And Class C [Second Image Below] provides 1/3 coverage.

Class B Custom Engraving by Smith & Wesson

In addition, Smith & Wesson's engravers can provide virtually any type of custom design. These may include names or initials, special scenes and illustrations and replicas of a seal, emblem or coat of arms.

Class C Custom Engraving by Smith & Wesson

They are expert in the application and inlaying of precious metals such as silver, gold or platinum. And they are recognized for their delicate scrimshaw work on customized grips and handles.

Their artistry and skill are available to enhance the beauty of any Smith & Wesson gun or knife. And turn your favorite piece into an heirloom that will be treasured for years to come.

Smith & Wesson

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