Smith & Wesson Knives - Utmost in Quality, Performance and Value (1982)

You know when a knife is just right for you. You feel it in the easy, comfortable fit of handle to hand, the perfect combination of balance and weight and the shape of a perfectly ground blade.

Smith & Wesson Knives

Smith & Wesson knives have been designed and are made by people who know the qualities that make a good working blade. People who think of a knife the way you do, as a life-long hunting companion.

We carefully select specific heats of 440 stainless steels for our blades. Each blade is flat ground to achieve a perfect symmetry of surfaces and grind lines, the same way knives are made for "professionals" like chefs and meat cutters.

The final edge on each knife is individually ground, tested and inspected to insure the exact angle and sharpness you demand.

You'll find the style you want in our broad line. Fixed blades, folding hunters and innovative pocket knives. Each is made with exacting skill and craftsmanship to provide the utmost in quality, performance and value.

And each is made in Smith & Wesson's own knife factory. With pride that you'll share when your choice is Smith & Wesson.

Smith & Wesson

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