Smith & Wesson Handguns

Smith & Wesson Handguns

Knowledgeable handgunners will tell you there's something special about a Smith & Wesson handgun. More than just S&W's smooth, fast double action.

Acclaimed as the world's smoothest, with crisp, clean single action. More than just the right combination of weight and balance. And more than perfection in finish.

It's a feeling that you can't find a better handgun.

A feeling that comes from the knowledge that dedicated craftsmen and skilled fitters don't rest until every part mates perfectly in a handgun that functions as only a Smith & Wesson can.

It's attention to details that count. Like case hardened contact areas on hammers and triggers to assure smooth, consistent trigger pull for the life of the gun.

A forward extractor rod locking bolt and rear cylinder stop work in conjunction to maintain positive alignment between cylinder and barrel. And a cylinder release thumb piece that moves forward for easy, single hand operation.

Smith & Wesson revolvers are built on four frame sizes. Each frame, including the top strap and grip areas, is machined from a single, strong forging.

Revolvers built on the J frame, S&W's smallest, are unique among small frame guns in their ability to stay in time. Cylinder charge holes always line up properly with the barrel in these lightweight, compact, easy to carry handguns.

A wide range of calibers, in a variety of barrel lengths are built on the versatile medium size K frame. K frame revolvers provide an unmatched variety of hammers, sights and trigger styles, too.

The new L frame has been designed specifically to meet the new and more rigorous demands imposed on .357 Magnum revolvers by today's shooting practices and ammunition.

Though only slightly larger than the K frame, the new L frame provides more metal around the barrel thread and in the top strap and accommodates a sturdier cylinder.

The L frame is built to digest a sustained diet of today's punishing Magnum loads.

N frame revolvers, built on S&W's largest frame, are favorites for handgun hunting, metallic silhouette and other competitive shooting. Again the shooter is offered unmatched versatility in stocks, trigger styles and hammers as well as a wide range of calibers.

Smith & Wesson also offers a line of semiautomatic pistols to meet the needs of competitive shooters and sportsmen, including the reliable, accurate Models 439, 459, 539 and 559 in 9mm.

The Model 41 and Model 52 are among the most accurate out-of-the-box target pistols available.

You'll find the handgun you want to meet your specific needs in the Smith & Wesson line - the broadest line on the market.

Smith & Wesson

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