Smith & Wesson Multi-Choke Shotguns (1982)

Smith & Wesson's Model 3000 pump shotgun has already earned a reputation for straight-line pumping, smooth feeding and positive ejection that provide dependable, trouble free performance in the field.

Just as the Model 1000 is recognized as the outstanding autoloader on the market today...a gun that keeps on performing under conditions that have caused others to malfunction.

Multi-Choke Shotguns from Smith & Wesson

Top: New Model 1000 12 gauge 23/4" Multi-choke
Bottom: New Model 3000 12 gauge 3" Magnum Multi-choke

Now Smith & Wesson is introducing both these fine shotguns with a new interchangeable choke system called "Multi-choke."

Choose your favorite— the Model 1000 autoloader or the Model 3000 pump —with the new Multi-choke system and you've got three fine shotguns in one.

You simply remove one choke and screw in another to get the pattern that's right for the situation.

Each Model 1000 or 3000 with the special Multi-choke barrel comes with three interchangeable Multi-choke tubes.

  1. The Multi-choke Improved Cylinder tube provides an effective open pattern for close-in game birds like grouse, quail and dove.
  2. The Multi-choke Modified tube develops a tighter pattern for medium range hunting such as rabbit, squirrel and pheasant.
  3. The Multi-choke Full tube delivers a tight, high-density pattern for longer range shooting of ducks and geese.

The Smith & Wesson Interchangeable Choke System - Multi-Choke

The Smith & Wesson Multi-choke System is unique in that it maintains virtually the same balance, swing and weight as Model 1000 and 3000 shotguns without the choke system. It's all in the way the barrel is formed. Take a look at the inset photograph.

Instead of increasing the wall thickness of the barrel for its whole length (which tends to make the gun muzzle heavy), Smith & Wesson only increases wall thickness at the end of the barrel to accommodate the tube.

There's an almost imperceptible step down to the tube, too, to prevent residue build-up and possible malfunctions.

Picture yourself and a shooting buddy in the blind on opening day. You've got a modified tube in your S&W Multi-choke shotgun and he's simply shooting a modified barrel.

The first flight comes in low. They haven't been shot at before. You both get your birds. But once they've been shot at, those birds stay higher. Your buddy can't reach them.

You simply change to your full choke tube, quickly and easily, right there in the blind. And keep on bringing them down.

That's good reason to make your next shotgun a Smith & Wesson Model 1000 autoloader or Model 3000 pump with the unique new Multi-choke System.

Smith & Wesson

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