Smith & Wesson Belt Buckles (1982)

Smith & Wesson Belt Buckles (1982)

These original and exclusive Smith & Wesson buckles have developed into one of the most popular lines in S&W's wide array of sporting products. And again in 1982, there are two brand-new additions to the line.

Three Belt Buckles from the Smith & Wesson Collection of 1982

Smith & Wesson Belt Buckles (From Top to Bottom): Model 677/678 American Traditions; Model 675 "The Horse Thief;" and, Model 670/671, the Pistol Case.

Model 677/678, American Traditions, has been designed and the original hand engraved by S&W engravers. It depicts a great American eagle holding the famous S&W seal in its talons as it soars through a rugged river valley lined with pines. Every detail of the original has been meticulously captured in this die-struck, solid brass buckle. And it's available in brass (Model 677) or antique silver (Model 678) finish.

Model 675, "The Horse Thief," is another in the series of buckles featuring turn-of-the-century paintings by Dan Smith. Smith uniquely captures the history and the spirit of the American west in his paintings. "The Horse Thief," one of a series of water colors commissioned by Smith & Wesson, is flawlessly re-created in this die-struck, solid brass buckle.

Model 670/671, the Pistol Case, is a faithful reproduction of the top of one of the earliest Smith & Wesson presentation cases. The presentation cases, originally introduced in 1858, were molded from gutta percha, and featured the Model 1 First Issue in relief. Die struck in solid brass, the Pistol Case buckle is available in brass (Model 670) or antique silver (Model 671) finish.

Four Belt Buckles from the Smith & Wesson Collection of 1982

Smith & Wesson Belt Buckles (From Top to Bottom): Model 630 "The Last Cartridge"; Model 600 "The Hostiles"; Model 660 "The Symbol of Quality"; and Model 665 "The Magnum".

Model 630, "The Last Cartridge," [Above Top] is the second in the series of buckles inspired by the paintings of Dan Smith. The Model 630 is a solid brass, die-struck replica of Smith's depiction of a life and death struggle with a bear.

Model 600, "The Hostiles," [Above, Second from Top]is the original commemorative S&W buckle. It's an authentic, die-struck reproduction of the most famous of Dan Smith's western paintings in which a cowboy is pursued across a river by hostile Indians. The buckle is solid brass with a bronze finish.

Model 660, "The Symbol of Quality," [Above, Second from Bottom] features the official Smith & Wesson trademark and seal. The fine intaglio treatment of the intertwined S and W is enhanced by the antique surface finish of this die-struck, solid brass buckle.

Model 665, "The Magnum," [Above Bottom] was created to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the .357 Magnum revolver, a custom built gun that was the forerunner of a family of firearms that have gained unmatched popularity. Model 665 is a dramatic, end-on view of the cylinder struck in solid brass with an antique silver finish.

Model 679, The 44 Magnum [Not Shown], is the second new buckle. In shape and detail, it is a perfect match for Model 665, The Magnum, except, of course, the six cartridges in the cylinder are .44 Magnums. The 44 Magnum has also been struck from solid brass and finished in antique silver.

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