The Unique Tri-Vee Hull by Duo

The Unique Tri-Vee Hull by Duo for their 1973 Boats

There's nothing ordinary about Duo's Tri Vee hull. Experienced boaters can tell at a glance that it is built for superior performance. First of all, the Duo V is a true deep V, which means you get a softer ride in choppy water or long swells.

At the bottom aft, knowledgeable boaters can see the constant dead rise with lifting strakes. This is what gives Duo boats their quick planing ability.

For cornering and maneuverability, look at Duo's hard chines that bite into water and prevent skidding and sliding in tight turns. You can feel the stability of Duo's Tri Vee hull even when it's at rest in the water.

The full length foam-filled sponsons provide a strong and stable platform in all kinds of water and virtually eliminate unwanted noise and vibration.

It all adds up to a soft, easy, level, and dry ride. The kind of ride you'll appreciate because you know a little more about boating.


GG Archives REF: BPDUO-001-1972-C-CAT

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