DUO Mariner - Outboard with Conventional Hull

DUO Mariner - Outboard with Conventional Hull

Weekends are for getting away, for “re-creating” the feeling of being truly alive. Weekends are for families . . . out on the lake where the air Is fresh. You will appreciate DUO Mariner’s rugged construction and ease of operation.

Its zippy performance and economy make Mariner the perfect boat to launch your family Into the exciting world of boating.

Features and Equipment

  • Plex Fast-Back Windshield
  • Deluxe Cable Steering
  • Deluxe Hardware
  • Deluxe Bow and Stern Light with 3-Posltlon Anchor Light Switch
  • Fold-Down Bunk Seats
  • Remote Control Mounting Block
  • Gunwale Pads
  • Carpeting
  • Deluxe Step Pads
  • Motor Well Curtain
  • Wood Grain Side Panels
  • Saf-T-Foam Flotation


  • Gunwale Length: 15' 1"
  • Center Length: 14' 2"
  • Beam: 66"
  • Depth: 33"
  • Maximum Horsepower: 50
  • Approximate Weight: 450 Pounds


Deck, Sand; Hull, Sand; Interior, Melon

All Duo Boats are BIA certified and comply with the current regulations of the United States Coast Guard.

DUO Marine - A Bangor Punta Company

GG Archives REF: BPDUO-003-1971-C-CAT

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