DUO Voyager - Outboard, Wide V Hull

DUO Voyager - Outboard, Wide V Hull

With the Duo Voyager, you don’t just taste excitement, you live it. The Wide Vee cuts through blue water like a flashing saber . . . high-spirited, but gentle as a kitten.

Voyager follows your slightest command. Fiberglass makes it tough and allows the Voyager to take up to 125 horses.

It’s a Duo Voyager, and that means full canvas, Saf- T-Foam flotation, and reflective safety stripes are standard.

Features and Equipment

  • Deluxe Plexiglass Sport Shield
  • Deluxe Mechanical Steering with Wood Sport Steering Wheel
  • Deluxe Bow and Stern Light with 3-Position Anchor Light Switch
  • Deluxe Vent Kit
  • Fold-Down Sunbather Bunk Seats
  • Deluxe Carpeting
  • Deluxe Side Panels & Gunwale Pads (Combination)
  • Motor Well Curtain
  • Top-Side-Aft Canvas Installed
  • Glove Box Complete with Lock
  • Reflective Safety Stripe
  • 18-Gallon Gas Tank Installed
  • Electric Fuel Gauge
  • Saf-T-Foam Flotation


  • Gunwale Length: 17' 8.5"
  • Center Length: 16' 6"
  • Beam: 84"
  • Depth: 41.5"
  • Maximum Horsepower: 125
  • Approximate Weight: 950 Pounds

Color Options

  • Deck, Rally Blue; Hull, Rally Blue; Interior, Sand
  • Deck, Sand; Hull, Mint Gold; Interior, Mint Gold

All Duo Boats are BIA certified and comply with the current regulations of the United States Coast Guard.

DUO Marine - A Bangor Punta Company

GG Archives REF: BPDUO-003-1971-C-CAT

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