DUO Roamer 17 - Deluxe Roomy Comfortable Outboard Boating

The 1973 Roamer 17 shown in Seacrest White, Ocean Blue Exterior and Sky blue Interior

The 1973 DUO Roamers …roomy…comfortable… the befit engineered family outboards I've seen

Superb space utilization and attention to interior comfort details…look for them in the '73 Roamers.

All Roamers offer interior arrangements that allow maximum seating space …with fold-down sunbather bunk seats, bow seating, and in the 17-footer, a full rear cross seat.

Roamers also have luxury features such as marine vinyl carpeting, wood grain dash trim, rich side panel upholstery, and step pads.

Comfort controls in the 17-foot Roamer include Walk-Thru® tempered glass windshield, topside-aft canvas, tonneau cover and center console curtain installed, 12-gallon gas tank, electric fuel gauge and deluxe bow rails, deluxe vent kit and glove box with lock.

Add power, and you have the ultimate in family outboard boating -- a boat that's thrifty, good looking, spacious, responsive for water sports, and very trailerable.

DUO Roamer 17

Roamer 17 Specifications

  • Centerline length: 16' 11"
  • Beam: 83"
  • Depth: 43"
  • Maximum Capacity - People: 7
  • Maximum horsepower: 115
  • Approximate weight: 1,000 lbs.

Roamer 17 Standard Equipment

  • Foam Flotation
  • B.I.A. Certified
  • Safety Glass Walk-Thru® Windshield
  • Deluxe Mechanical Steering
  • Deluxe Hardware
  • Deluxe Lighting / 3-Position Switch
  • Deluxe Vent Kit
  • Bow Rails
  • Step Pads
  • Gas Tank Installed
  • Electric Fuel Gauge
  • Rear Seating
  • Sunbather Bunk Seats
  • Bow Seat Cushions
  • Side Panels
  • Glove Box / Lockable
  • Top-Side-Aft Canvas
  • Forward Storage Compartments
  • Bow Compartment Canvas
  • Center Console Curtain

Roamer 17 Options Available

  • Carpeting
  • Wood Grain Dash Trim
  • Two-Tone Hull

Roamer 17 Colors

  • Hull: Seacrest white with Ocean Blue
  • Deck: Ocean Blue
  • Interior: Sky Blue


GG Archives REF: BPDUO-001-1972-C-CAT

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