The 1973 DUO Roamer 14 Superb Space Utilization in a 14-Foot Boat

DUO Roamer 14 Boat with unique pageWrapper-around and Walk-Thru® windsheld

Superb space utilization and attention to interior comfort details…look for them in the '73 Roamers.

All Roamers offer interior arrangements that allow maximum seating space …with fold-down sunbather bunk seats, bow seating, and in the 17-footer, a full rear cross seat. Roamers also have luxury features such as marine vinyl carpeting, wood grain dash trim, rich side panel upholstery, and step pads.

The 14-foot Roamer features a unique Wrapperaround, Walk-Thru® windshield and forward storage compartments.

Add power, and you have the ultimate in family outboard boating -- a boat that's thrifty, good looking, spacious, responsive for water sports, and very trailerable.

DUO Roamer 14

Roamer 14 Specifications

  • Centerline length: 14' 6"
  • Beam: 70 "
  • Depth: 28 "
  • Maximum Capacity - People: 5
  • Maximum horsepower: 70
  • Approximate weight: 565 lbs.

Roamer 14 Standard Equipment

  • Foam Flotation
  • B.I.A. Certified
  • Plexiglass Windshield
  • Deluxe Mechanical Steering
  • Deluxe Hardware
  • Deluxe Lighting / 3-Position Switch
  • Bow Rails
  • Step Pads
  • Sunbather Bunk Seats
  • Sunbather Bunk Seats
  • Bow Seat Cushions
  • Wood Grain Side Panels
  • Forward Storage Compartments

Roamer 14 Options Available

  • Carpeting
  • Wood Grain Dash Trim
  • Two-Tone Hull

Roamer 14 Colors

  • Hull: Seacrest white with Gold
  • Deck: Gold
  • Interior: Gold


GG Archives REF: BPDUO-001-1972-C-CAT

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