DUO Mystry-17 - Outboard, Tunnel Hull

DUO Mystry-17 - Outboard, Tunnel Hull

Celebrate life In a Mystry-17! Get out early, strap on up to 170 H.P. and fly across the water. When the morning mists rise otf the lake, you’ll be turning waves Into wake.

Mystry’s unique Indy wedge construction and tunnel hull make It the sleekest craft on the water highway. Its colors are bright; performance Is precise. And Mystry can claim more than Its share of comfort a.nd safety.

Take time for some real excitement. Get out In a Mystry-17 and let go! Mystry comes equipped with sure-grip racing wheel, full wrap-a-round bucket seats, and Saf-T- Foam flotation. Rear seat Is optional

Features and Equipment

  • Sure-Grip Racing Wheel
  • Deluxe Mechanical Steering
  • Deluxe Bow and Stern Eyes
  • Full Wrap-A-Round Bucket Seats
  • Padded Dash
  • Carpeting
  • Saf-T-Foam Flotation
  • Aero Dynamic- Ally Engineered Turbo Spoiler Hull
  • Optional: Rear Seat


  • Gunwale Length: 18' 10"
  • Center Length: 17'
  • Beam: 90"
  • Depth: 31"
  • Maximum Horsepower: 170
  • Approximate Weight: 625 Pounds

Color Options

  • Deck, Black Landau; Hull, Biscayne Yellow; Interior, Black.
  • Deck, Black Landau; Hull, Fire Orange; Interior, Black

All Duo Boats are BIA certified and comply with the current regulations of the United States Coast Guard.

DUO Marine - A Bangor Punta Company

GG Archives REF: BPDUO-003-1971-C-CAT

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