Piper Mojave - Pressurized Cabin Class Plane (1983)

1983 Piper Mojave - Cabin-Class, Pressurized Twin Engine Plane


It occurred to us a while back that the sole reason most of you weren't buying cabin-class, pressurized piston twins from Piper was that Piper didn't make a cabin-class, pressurized piston twin.

Those of you in the market for a light twin, for example, could always turn to the Piper Seneca.

And you did. The Seneca is the number one selling hvin in the world, and has been for years.

Those of you in the market for a cabin-class twin could always turn to the Piper Navajo.

And you did. The Navajo is the number one selling cabin-class twin in the world. And has been for years.

It was only when you felt the need for a pressurized cabin-class piston twin that you left the fold entirely and, we can only assume, reluctantly.

So it gives us great pleasure to inform you that this unfortunate parting of the ways is now unnecessary.

Piper Mojave Pressurized Cabin

Because now there is the Mojave. It will cruise at 234 kts., climb at 1,490 feet per minute from sea level, carry a useful load of over a ton, clear a 60-foot obstacle within 2,800 feet, and take you over 1,250 nautical miles, with IFR reserves.

But the Mojave not only does everything you've ever wanted a pressurized, cabin-class piston hvm to do. It enjoys the singular advantage of being a Piper.

To those of you in any way familiar with the Seneca, you know what that means in terms of value for the dollar.

To those of you in any way familiar with the Navajo, you know what that means in terms of cabin size, overall reliability superior handling characteristics, performance and economy.

The point being, there's no need to look elsewhere for the ideal hvin to step up to.

You can find it where you've always found it.

Call your Piper Dealer for a test flight. He's in the Yellow Pages. Or call 800-XXX-XXXX toll free.
Or write Piper Aircraft Corporation, Vero Beach, FL 32960.

Introducing the Cabin-Class, Pressurized Piper Mojave (1983)

More airplane for the dollar.

Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, PA 17745

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