Piper Aircraft News Release: Our Commitment to the Business Aircraft Market (1980)

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September 18, 1980

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Four Cost Effective Turboprops in Six Years Demonstrate Piper Aircraft's Commitment to Meeting the Needs of the Business Aircraft Market

Press Release from Piper Aircraft touting commitment to Business Aircraft Market

It all started in 1974.

Piper Aircraft Corporation produced its first pressurized turboprop, the Cheyenne, an airplane which fathered a family of business turboprops that have become the mainstay of the company's continued growth and development as the world's leading manufacturer of twin-engine aircraft.

In 1980, Piper sold its 500th Cheyenne -- and delivered its first Cheyenne III -- and introduced its 1981 Cheyenne II XL model -- crowning a successful six-year reign for the Cheyenne as the most cost effective turboprop available.

The Cheyenne which started it all in 1974 was renamed the Cheyenne II for the 1978 model year, when a sister turboprop, the Cheyenne I, was introduced.

The Cheyenne I became the world's lowest cost business turboprop, and offered excellent advantages as an entry-level aircraft in the pressurized, turbine powered class.

"The Cheyenne I offers the same cabin size and luxury interiors as the Cheyenne II," said Thomas W. Gillespie, Piper's senior vice president of marketing and sales, "but the Pratt and Whitney PT6A-Il engines provide greater operating economy for the Cheyenne I."

"The Cheyenne II, on the other hand, provides the best field performance and the best operating cost per mile of any turboprop of its class," continued Gillespie.

"Its PT6A-28 engines give it short field capability, allowing it to clear a 50-foot obstacle in just 1,980 feet, to climb out at a remarkable 2,710 feet per minute and cruise at 283 knots for a range of more than 1,500 nautical miles.

"The Cheyenne II XL for 1981 offers improved passenger comfort and increased payload over the Cheyenne I & II," explained Gillespie.

"The XL is 24 inches longer than the Cheyenne II and provides 20 extra inches of leg room in the cabin and four inches in the cockpit. With its new PT6A-135 engines, the XL offers an increased useful load, but maintains the Cheyenne tradition of cost effectiveness.

This economy comes from its competitive price and its improved fuel consumption." The base price for the first 20 units will be $946,440.

The Piper flagship, the all-new Cheyenne III, leads the industry in cabin comfort, with the longest cabin in its class and the quietest ride of any turboprop on the market today.

"With its 11 seat capacity, its 290 knot cruise speed and its wide range of plush interior options, the Cheyenne III is the largest, fastest and most luxurious Piper ever produced," commented Gillespie.

Piper Aircraft, a Bangor Punta company, has produced more twin-engine aircraft than any other manufacturer in the world.

"We have established a half-century tradition of providing airplanes that meet the needs of a changing marketplace," said Gillespie, "a marketplace which today is demanding more economy, more fuel efficiency, more passenger comfort, more quiet operation and more reliability than ever before.

A marketplace which, in short, demands more airplane for the dollar, and Piper is prepared to give it just that.

"Over the years, the airlines have learned to apply three criteria to every airplane they consider for their fleets: performance, economics and passenger appeal. It's easy to see how these same considerations apply to business aircraft as well.

And, of all the business turboprops being built today, none meet those stringent standards quite as successfully as the four Piper Cheyennes. Piper has a family of well-balanced turboprops that lead the market for cost effectiveness, performance, passenger comfort, fuel efficiency and quiet operation.

We offer a turbine powered, pressurized aircraft to meet virtually any business flying situation," concluded Gillespie.

More airplane for the dollar.

Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, PA 17745

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