Piper Aircraft News Release: New Cheyenne II XL Business Turboprop (1980)

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September 18, 1980

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Press Release from Piper Aircraft on the New Cheyenne II XL Turboprop for Business

"We've taken an excellent aircraft and made it even better," said Thomas W. Gillespie, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Piper Aircraft Corporation, in announcing today the introduction of Piper's newest turboprop, the Cheyenne II XL.

As the fourth member of Piper's popular family of Cheyenne business aircraft, the II XL is a stretched version of the original Cheyenne model, now called the Cheyenne II, which was first produced in 1974.

The Cheyenne II XL Model PA-31T is a six to eight place airplane powered with PT6A-135 Pratt and Whitney engines.

"We've stretched the Cheyenne II fuselage 24 inches on the XL," explained. Gillespie, "and we've produced an airplane that offers 16% more cabin volume for improved passenger and pilot comfort.

This provides four inches of additional leg room in the cockpit and 20 inches of extra leg room in the cabin. The useful load of the airplane has also been increased by more than 330 pounds."

The PT6A-135 powerplant is a 750 shaft horsepower engine which is flat rated to 620 horsepower for take-off. The propeller is geared down to 1900 RPM's, producing a quiet environment both internally and externally.

"In addition to being good to airport neighbors, this Is an economical engine to operate," added Gillespie. "Even with the enlarged cabin and the increased payload of the XL, the PT6A-135 engine will maintain a maximum cruise speed of 274 knots.

And, it does so with an even lower fuel consumption than the earlier Cheyenne models, which are well-known for their low operating economics."

The XL is scheduled to have a maximum service ceiling of 31,000 feet, a maximum ramp weight of 9540 pounds and the same range (more than 1,500 nautical miles) as the Cheyenne II.

It offers an environmental control unit for cabin heating and air conditioning and interior options similar to those available on the Cheyenne III, the biggest, fastest and most luxurious airplane of Piper's fleet.

"In their six year history, the Cheyenne aircraft have become known in the marketplace as the most cost effective turboprops available today," said Gillespie.

"The Cheyenne II XL continues this tradition, providing the extra cabin comfort that today's business traveler expects at a base price that is still very competitive with other turboprops of its class.

The first 20 Cheyenne II XL units will have a base price of just $946,440, and that, coupled with its great fuel efficiency and other low operating costs, provides more airplane for the dollar.

"The Cheyenne II XL will allow Piper to better meet the needs of the business aircraft market," concluded Gillespie. "The four-member family of Cheyennes now offers an airplane for virtually any corporate turboprop need.

Piper is proud of its position as the world's leading manufacturer of twin-engine aircraft, and we intend to maintain that leadership with the continual improvement of our present products and the introduction of new products to meet the changing needs and expectations of a changing marketplace."

The Cheyenne II XL will be manufactured at Piper's Lock Haven, PA Division, which also produces the Cheyennes I and II. Delivery of the first Cheyenne II XL is scheduled for April, 1981.

More airplane for the dollar.

Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, PA 17745

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