Piper Mailibu - Pressurized Cabin-Class Single (1983)

Piper Mailibu - Pressurized Cabin-Class Single

The New Piper Malibu

The first and only pressurized, cabin-class single in the history of the world.

We understand many of you have been waiting fifteen years or more to get your hands on a really good pressurized single. But we doubt that you were expecting anything like this.

The six-place Piper Malibu will cruise at 208 knots at 25,000 feet. Taking off from a 2,000-foot strip, with three passengers and 120 lbs. of baggage, it will fly 1,340 nautical miles with reserves. And will burn only 16 gallons of fuel per hour doing it.

Pressurized Cabin of the New Piper Malibu

The cabin is pressurized to produce an 8,000-foot cabin altitude at 25,000 feet. The Malibu will get to 25,000 feet in less than 24 minutes. That's averaging almost 1,100 feet per minute from sea level.

What is just as important is that the Malibu's performance does not come at the expense of passenger comfort. On the contrary. The passenger cabin in the Piper Malibu is within one inch of the width of the passenger cabin in a Piper Navajo.

The aisle in the Piper Malibu is wider than the aisle in a Navajo. The interior appointments rival anything you have ever seen in a six-place twin. There is no sacrifice in comfort, there is no sacrifice in performance.

There is no sacrifice in economy If you have to give up anything, it will probably have to be your notion of what a single-engine airplane is capable of.

More airplane for the dollar.

Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, PA 17745

Member of GAMA

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