Piper Aircraft News Release: Extended Range for Cheyenne IIIs (1980)

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News Release by Piper Aircraft covering the Cheyenne IIIs Equipped with Optional Fuel Tanks

September 18, 1980

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Piper Aircraft Announces Extended Range for Cheyenne IIIs Equipped With Optional Fuel Tanks

Piper Aircraft Corporation, a Bangor Punta Company, announced today the availability of an increased gross weight and extended range for all Cheyenne III aircraft which are purchased with optional nacelle fuel tanks.

These Cheyennes will now offer an increase in gross take-off weight of 200 pounds (for a total of 11,200 pounds), providing an additional 30 gallons of usable fuel for an extended range of more than 2,200 nautical miles. This is an increase of approximately 6% in maximum range.

Piper will provide for modification in the field at no additional cost for those optionally equipped Cheyenne Ills delivered without extended range capability.

"The Cheyenne III is the largest, fastest and most luxurious aircraft of the Piper fleet," said Thomas W. Gillespie, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Piper. "The increased range now makes the performance of this aircraft even more remarkable."

More airplane for the dollar.

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