1981 Aerostar 602P Operating Economics Guide - Piper Aircraft Corporation

1981 Aerostar 602P

1981 Piper Aerostar 602P

Estimated Aircraft Ownership and Operating Expense

Total Operating Expense (Schedule I)

Type Aircraft: 1981 Aerostar 602P
Business Usage: 100%
Assumed Hours Per Year: 500
Assumed Years of Ownership: 7

  Estimated Expense (A) Estimated Expense
Net of Tax Savings (B)
Assumed Purchase Price $383,320  
Estimated Resale Value $229,992  
Expense of Asset $153,328 $153,328
Tax Savings:    
Less 46% Tax Bracket (C)   ($ 70,531 )
Less 10% Investment Tax Credit (D)   ($ 38,332 )
Net Investment Expense $153,328 $ 44,465
Net Investment Expense Per Year $ 21,904 $ 6,352
Net Investment Expense Per Hour 43.81 12.70
Operating Expense/Hour -
Schedule II
$ 112.33 $ 60.67
Travel Expense Per Hour $ 156.16 73.37
Travel Expense Per Nautical Mile
209 Knots Block Speed
$ .747 $ .354
Travel Expense Per Seat Nautical Mile    
2 Seats $ .373 $ .177
3 Seats $ .249 $ .118
4 Seats $ .187 $ .089
5 Seats $ .149 $ .071
6 Seats $ .125 $ .059

Fuel Consumption - Nautical Miles Per Gallon 7.06 (Statue miles per gallon 8.13) @ 65% Cruise Power & 15,000 Feet P.A.

(A) Before Tax Savings.
(B) This column is presented for example purposes only and it should be understood that all tax situations can vary significantly and your tax advisors should be consulted.
(C) Reflects Federal Tax savings only.
(D) Providing maximum tax limitation has not been exceeded.

Variable and Fixed Expenses (Schedule II)

Annual Fixed Expense
Hangar Rental — $178 Per Month $ 2,136  
(1) Insurance    
Hull — $ 250 Deductible $ 5,366  
Liability - Single Limit — $ 1 Million $ 508  
Total Annual Fixed Expense $ 8,010  
Operating Expense Per Hour Fixed Expense Variable Expense
Fixed Expense Per Hour — 500 Hours $ 16.02  
(2) Fuel — 29.6 GPH at S1.75 Per Gal. $ 51.80  
(3) Oil $ 1.66  
(4) Inspection and Maintenance $ 19.78  
(5) Engine (Exchange) $10.27 Each $ 20.54  
(6) Prop Overhaul $ .75 Each $ 1.50  
(7) Avionics Maintenance Reserve Per Hour $ 1.05  
Total Operating Expense Per Hour $ 112.35 $ 96.33
  1. Hull insurance computed at current average rates for an IFR equipped aircraft.*
  2. Fuel expenses are computed at a consumption rate for 65% power with allowance for start, taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, and descent.
  3. Oil expenses are based on a normal consumption rate of .5 pint per hour, oil change every 100 hours, oil filter expenses and oil expense of $6.20 per gallon included.
  4. Inspection and maintenance expenses are based on a programmed inspection schedule, include miscellaneous repairs, and parts.
  5. Engine exchange allowance is computed for manufacturer's recommended engine life of 1800 hours at remanufactured engine exchange expenses and includes labor and accessories.
  6. Expense computed at 1500 hours propeller overhaul — includes removal and installation expenses.
  7. Expense computed for an average Dual NAV/COM package with Transponder, ADF, DME, and an Autopilot System.

1981 Aerostar 602P Operating Economics Guide - Piper Aircraft Corporation

*Rates are for Private and Corporate owners and do not apply to Commercial operations. Rates may vary depending upon pilot qualifications, experience and other related factors.

Piper Aircraft Corporation reserves the right to make changes in specifications, materials, equipment or prices at any time without prior notice or to discontinue models as required.

Publication Number: 995-1-108
Published: 5/1/81 Printed in USA

Piper Aircraft Corporation
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania 17745
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Are you waiting for the periormance story?

Here it is in a nutshell: The Aerostar 602P is an ultra high-performance airplane, faster at top speed (over 300 mph) and faster at cruise than either the Cessna 340 or the Beech Baron 58R.

Are you waiting for economic justification?

We offer a surplus. Unlike the Cessna 340 or the Beech Baron 58R, the Aerostar 602P is a true economy airplane. More fuel-efficient, with lower direct operating cost per hour, lower total travel cost per hour and lower total travel cost per mile.

As for whether the 340 or the S8P are true luxury airplanes when compared to the 602R we can only suggest you examine the Aerostar's interiors, its leather, its plush velours, its fine appointments, its craftsmanlike fit and finish—and draw your own conclusions. (While you're at it, compare the size of the Aerostar's cabin to that of a Baron. You're in for shock.)

Then see your Piper Dealer for a detailed inspection and test flight of the airplane. And be as thorough as you like. It'll be worth the wait lor both of us.

More airplane for the dollar.

Piper Aircraft Corporation, Lock Haven, PA 17745

Member of GAMA

GG Archives REF: BPPAC-010-1980-BW-BRO

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