The New Piper Cheyenne IV: Propjet with Fuel Economy (1983)

What If There Weere A Propjet That Does What Citations Do on 40% Less Fuel - 1983 Advertisement

What If There Were A Propjet That Does What Citations Do On 40% Less Fuel?

The New Piper Cheyenne IV Will Cruise At 400 Mph, Go To 41,000 Feet And Make A Lot Of Corporate Jets Obsolete.

If there is a line that divides the performance capabilities of jets and propjets, the new Cheyenne IV will simply fly over it.

At a cruise speed of 400 mph and an operating altitude of 41,000 feet.

Faster and higher than any Beechcraft, any Gulfstream, any Swearingen, any Cessna propjet—the kind of performance for which propjets were always advised they need not apply.

Put another way, on a 1,000-nautical mile trip, at cruise power, the new Cheyenne IV will be virtually as fast as a Citation I, coming in only one minute to five minutes slower from altitudes of 30,000 to 41,000 feet.

Cheyenne IV Schematic

On a 1,500-nautical mile trip with six passengers aboard, again at cruise power, the Cheyenne IV will beat the Citation I and the Citation II by at least an hour. Simply because neither Citation is even capable of a trip like that without refueling.

And whatever the mission, the Cheyenne IV will perform on 35% to 40% less fuel than the Citations. Which, given jet fuel at $2 per gallon, adds up to a major advantage in its own right.

For more information on the Cheyenne IV, call Mr. A. William Newman, Vice-President for Marketing and Sales, at 305-555-0359. Or you can write him at Piper Aircraft Corporation, Vero Beach, FL 32960.

Passenger Cabin on the Cheyeene IV

Just tell him you were considering a conventional propjet, but now you're interested in better performance. Or tell him you were considering a light business jet. But now you're interested in better performance.


More airplane for the dollar.

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