John Payne's Passagemaker 40 Trawler In A Secluded Island Cove (1972)

John Payne's Passagemaker 40 In A Secluded Island Cove

After nine years as a boatyard owner, I bought myself a Passagemaker 40 Trawler.

"When you have ample opportunity to observe all types and makes of boats, you get to know what to look for when you set out to buy a boat for yourself.

"My yard is in Newport Beach, California and I've had just about everything that floats in the yard at one time or another. But when I got my first look at a Passagemaker, I knew I'd found my retirement boat.

"I picked the Passagemaker because I knew Art De Fever's reputation as the best trawler designer in the business.

John Payne's Passagemaker 40 in a secluded island cove. 1972 Print Advertisement.

I was sure that any boat with his name on it would be a top performing and dependable cruising boat.

And I'm happy to say that after 300 hours of escorting racing boats into Mexico and cruising the Channel Islands off California, our 40 has outstanding seakeeping qualities.

"The use of interior space is superior to anything I've seen in other offshore cruisers and the level of craftsmanship and cabinetwork is outstanding.

Before I signed the order, I climbed over just about every inch of that boat, and I found the construction to be honest and rugged … just the way an offshore boat should be.

"I prefer the single engine set-up because I like the idea of my prop and rudder being well protected from reefs, logs, and kelp.

I certainly don't find it to be a hindrance in docking and the economy angle certainly has merit. In fact, I find I'm getting just under 3 miles per gallon of diesel, giving me a range of 1400 miles.

De Fever Passagemaker

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