Ranger 22 Yacht: The Racing Machine Returns (1977)

The Ranger 22 Yacht Cruising in Open Waters. 1977 Photograph

ONCE MANY STOCK BOATS were built for racing. But IOR changed all that. The competition became too stiff, and many major builders switched to cruisers.

At Ranger we've never been afraid of competition. And our newest sailboat is certainly a case in point.

Ranger 22 Yacht - The Racing Machine Returns - 1977 Print Advertisement.

The new Ranger 22 is a brutally single-minded boat: She's built to race. Everything on board is there to make her fast -- or we wouldn't have it on the boat.

We chose Gary Mull to design her, because he's known for flat-out boats without an ounce of extra fat.

He gave the 22 a lean, fine ended hull for speed to windward -- with a flat run aft that helps her surf downwind. And he worked out a clever seven-eighths rig that gives her a cloud of sail without a sky-high rating.

Stiffened With Carbon Fiber

To make the Ranger 22 a stiffer boat without adding weight -- we incorporated Airex foam panels and added stiffeners of carbon fiber. The stuff's so new it's rarely found even on custom boats.

We also beefed up the cabin sole and used it as structural support. So the Ranger 22 has a thinner, lighter lay-up, but she actually is stronger than she would be with conventional construction.

The Ranger 22 has the capacity to carry sail in heavy air.

(Above) The Ranger 22 Yacht has a racing boat's capacity to carry sail in heavy air.

Then there's the mast. We couldn't find a shape we liked. So we used a computer to help design a new one. It's a cam-shaped section -- flat along the trailing edge for lowered drag. Incorporating special "turbulence generators" to give the mainsail added lift.

Below decks, the goal was saving weight. Simplicity is the rule. But the cabin is bright and surprisingly roomy. With plenty of space for sails and racing gear.

The boat is equipped with four big berths. By adding the optional stove and sink you can turn her into a snug and practical weekend cruiser.

Ranger 22 Dimensions


  • L.0.A.: 22'6"
  • L.W.L.: 17'6"
  • Beam: 7'10"
  • Draft: 4'3"
  • Sail area: 209 sq. ft.
  • Displacement: 2,182 lbs.

A high aspect ratio sail plan gives the Ranger 22 speed to windward.

Ranger 22 Deck Plan

A Specialized Machine

The Ranger 22 yacht is built for the competitor. One-design fleets are planned in several major racing areas. She is designed to measure in as a mini-tonner. And should also be highly competitive under MORC.

A lot of 22 foot boats are built to do too much. They wind up doing nothing really well. The Ranger 22 is a highly specialized machine.

She is, of course, a rugged, handsome, elegantly finished boat. But the most important thing about her is the way she sails.

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