One Kind of Water, One Kind of Houseboat Hull (1970)

One Kind of Water, One Kind of Houseboat Hull (1970)

If all the world was one kind of water, maybe one kind of houseboat hull would be enough.

But there s fresh water and salt water, Inland water and offshore water, water so calm you can watch yourself In it and water so rough you'd think it wanted to break you in half.

So Seagoing makes a hull for each kind of water. Steel. fiberglass, and aluminum. Now, here's the difference:

Say you'll do your houseboating primarily in fresh water—inland rivers and lakes. Our steel hull. then. is right for you least expensive and. of course, very strong (they use it in submarines)

Fiberglass —a time-proven trarenal many boating people strongly prefer— is es much at home in salt water as in fresh.

It's rugged. easy to care for. and slays good-looking without much attention.

Aluminum is, thanks to certain new processes, now recommended for both fresh and salt water use. It won t rust or corrode, doesn't need painting. It's light in weight.

Because of its less complicated construction. its slightly less expensive than fiberglass, and it has good resale value.

There only one right hull for you, and only Seagoing gives you the widest choice.

Send for our free, full-color brochure and find our more about the world of houseboating. Or stop in and look at the diversity of plans available at your Seagoing dealer. If you don't know where to find him, ask us.

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