Basement of a Houseboat - Seagoing Boats (1980)

Basement of a Houseboat - Seagoing Boats (1980)

It's the basement of a houseboat. The only thing between you and a lot of water.

If you had your choice, you wouldn't want anything less perfect than this one: the basement of Seagoing's fiberglass houseboat.

To understand why, consider where the greatest concentration of weight is on any houseboat: the center.

At the center of Seagoing's fiberglass houseboat, the keel is 5-7/ 8" x 8" solid laminated wood—about the thickness of the battery in your car.

If you're not sure just how thick that is, check some other keels.

But that's only one small part of it. For vital support strength, 2" x 6" stringers on 24" centers run outward from the keel. And the gussets—those uprights on the side—are two-by-fours on 48" centers. If you were building your own house on the water, you wouldn't conceive of anything stronger than that.

We fiberglass these matched pieces together and into the boat itself — a solid, single unit now, each section bound together, inseparable.

In addition, two fire-walls divide the length of the boat into three watertight compartments, keeping the engine and its inherent fumes separate from the convenient storage areas forward and amidship.

There are eighty-eight Seagoing models available, and we make hulls in fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Write and ask for our free brochure and the name of your nearest dealer.

"Bangor Punta's Wide World of Boating"
The most important basement you'll ever buy.

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