Alouette is Designed for Pleasure

People Enjoy Alouette Snowmobiles!

People enjoy Alouette Snowmobiles for power, plus engineering perfection that lets you get the best out of winter's most people-oriented sport.

You won't think twice, once you try the dependable Alouette "smoothy" for 1971. It's ahead of them all for aggressive action, perfect control, easy-riding comfort whatever the snow conditions, however rough the terrain.

Family Snowmobiles through the hills on Alouette.

Design for Pleasure Alouette Style

Any one of this year's ten great new Alouette snowmobiles will help you turn winter leisure into the kind of winter pleasure you never dreamed possible.

Choose from:

5 Great Custom Recreational Models:

277 cc to 436 cc (14hp to 30hp)

  1. XLI 4
  2. XL20
  3. XL24
  4. X12S
  5. XL30W

5 "GT" Sports Models:

293cc to 436 cc (23hp to 36hp)

  1. GT23
  2. GT27
  3. GT36

634 cc and 736 cc (40hp and 60hp)

  1. GTO-1
  2. GTO-2 .

For smoother running, peak performance. Torque control transmission, caster and camber steering.

Alouette Skowmobile Towing Skier

The Alouette for 1971 has something for everyone from economy to luxury, from the all-purpose to the racing machine.

Snowmobiling Through the Hills on an Alouette.

New Features for 1971 Include:

  • Redesigned engine base for greater freedom from vibration
  • All new steel clutch guard and deflector plate
  • Shortened bogie support for improved suspension
  • The Hood on all models are fitted with concealed hinges
  • Slide suspension-available
  • Double row deep groove ball bearing pedestal for the high-powered 634 and 736 cc engines
  • 1" diameter chrome-nickel-steel drive axle
  • Tough, resistant Vibra- thane B-601 sprockets

Original Seat Design and Features:

Safety Emergency Kit on an Alouette Snowmobile.

The standard seat and assembly on all ten machines of the Alouette '71 line are entirely new.

The seat is hinged to facilitate flip- open action and provide access to roomier adequately protected storage space for storage of safety kit, tools, etc.

The new, original design seat is padded with two thicknesses of beveled foam rubber and covered with low temperature expanded, damascened vinyl for non-slip support.

The backrest which houses the battery on the XL models, has a sleek configuration on the GT models, part of the functional streamlining of these powerful sports machines.

Concealed Hinges on the Alouette Snowmobile.

Safety Emergency Kit

As functionally significant as any other engineering feature is the safety emergency kit, standard on all machines other than the XLI4.

It includes:

  • extra drive belt
  • pull cord
  • spark plug
  • light bulb
  • toolkit

Alouette Specifications for 1970-71 Line

Alouette Specifications for 1970-71 Line

Standard Equipment on All Models

  • Chromed Front Wrap Around Bumper/Lifting Bar - Rear Bumper Welded to Chasis
  • Sturdy Towing Hitch
  • Adjustable Brake Cable
  • Head Light and Tail Light
  • Key Operated Ignition (Key Starter on Electric Start Models).
  • Fused Electric Wiring System
  • Tuned Exhaust Muffler System
  • Non-Freeze Type Throttle Linkage
  • Recoil Starter with "Easy Pull" Mechanical Advantage
  • Easily Accessible Tension Adjustment on Track and Chain Drive
  • Heat Treated Sprockets
  • Heavy Duty Drive Chain in Oil Bath with Quick Access Cover to Change Sprockets without Draining Oil
  • New Safety Design Vinyl Covered Seat and Rear Back-Rest of Multi-Layer Foam
  • Non-Slip Foot Rests
  • Fuel Filter and Check Valve in Fuel Line
  • Extra Long Ski-Runners for greater protection and Longer Wear
  • New Ski Design for Better Stability
  • Optional Speedometer and Tachometer Available for All Models


Manufactured by Featherweight Corporation

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

GG Archives REF: BPALO-001-1970-C-AD

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