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Anderson, SC USA

First Class Ticket - SS Conte Biancamano - 30 June 1927

Passenger's Copy, Lloyd Sabaudo First Class Ticket for Passage on the SS Conte Biancamano.

Passenger's Copy, Lloyd Sabaudo First Class Ticket for Passage on the SS Conte Biancamano, Departing from New York to Genoa Dated 30 June 1927. GGA Image ID # 1eb1efef9b


Lloyd Sabaudo
Societa' Anonima per Azioni - Sede in Genova
General Agency for U.S. and Canada
3 State Street, New York City

No. 74277
First Class Ticket
Cabin 136 & Bath, Berth All

From New York to Genoa Per Steamer Conte Biancamano Sailing 30 June 1927 at Noon.

  • Mr. Frank Pinto, Adult
  • Mrs. Emma Pinto, Adult
  • Master John Pinto, Age 6
  • Miss Evelyn Pinto, Age 4

2 Full Fares, 2 Half Fares

  • Price Paid: $618.75
  • US Revenue Tax: $20.00
  • Total: $638.75

Genoa Landing Tax $12.00 Collected

City and Date: New York 8 June 1927


Contract Terms, First Class Ticket on the SS Conte Biancamano of the Lloyd Sabaudo Line, 8 June 1927.

Contract Terms, First Class Ticket on the SS Conte Biancamano of the Lloyd Sabaudo Line, 8 June 1927. GGA Image ID # 1eb1ff079e


It Is mutually agreed by and between LLOYD SABAUDO and the passenger herein mentioned as follows:

1. This ticket Is personal and only good for the person or persons therein mentioned and for the vessel therein named.

2. The passenger is required to be on board at least one-half hour before the time set for the steamer's departure. Should the passenger arrive too late or should he decide not to sail after having fixed the passage, he loses all rights on the amount of passage money paid for.

3. The LLOYD SABAUDO, in Issuing this ticket, reserves the right to transfer passengers from one steamer to another when transhipments occur, and all expenses relative to such transhipments are at the passenger's expense.

4. The passenger has a right to interrupt his voyage at intermediate fixed ports of the line and take a following steamer. The duration of the ticket cannot exceed more than one month for the Mediterranean Lines and not more than three months for the Transatlantic Lines. The passenger on reembarkation must be satisfied with the accommodations then at the ship's disposal.

5. In all cases where passengers avail themselves of these concessions as well as of those of transfers from one steamer to another, they must obtain from the ship's Captain or Purser a special ticket, which before reembarkation must be signed by the agents of the respective ports.

6. Passengers are held responsible towards the Company for all penalties, etc., which by their fault can be applied by the respective Authorities of Customs, Health, etc.

7. Passengers can only occupy those berths and cabins that have been assigned to them by the Agents or Captain.

8. In all cases where delays are occasioned by the local Sanitary Authorities for quarantine purposes, passengers will have to pay for their maintenance.

9. Neither the vessel, its owners, nor the agents of either, shall be responsible for loss or delay of, or injury to, any passenger or his baggage or property arising from the act of God or the public enemy or perils of the sea or rivers, fire or barratry of the master or crew or negligence in navigation of the steamer or of any other vessel, from robbers, arrest or restraint of princes, rulers or people, riots, strikes or stoppage of labor; from explosion, bursting of boilers, breakage of shafts or any latent defect in hull, machinery or appurtenances o the vessel though existing at the time of shipment or sailing of the voyage or thereafter arising, provided the owners have exercised due diligence to make the vessel seaworthy; nor for any loss or damage arising from the nature of the goods or insufficiency of packages nor from error, insufficiency or absence of marks, address or description nor from any loss or damage caused by the prolongation of the voyage, nor from the unseaworthiness of the vessel provided the owners have exercised due diligence to make the vessel seaworthy.

10. The vessel shall have the liberty to proceed without pilots, to tow and assist vessels in all situations, to put back, or into any port at the discretion of the commander, to deviate from the direct or customary course, and if prevented from proceeding In the ordinary course to tranship the passengers and their luggage by any other steamer bound for the port of destination or other usual means of transportation thereto whether belonging to the Company or not, and such transshipment shall be at the risk of the passenger, provided reasonable care is exercised in the selection of such means of transshipment.

11. Ten cubic feet of baggage for each adult passenger, but not exceeding the total value of $50, shall be carried without additional charge, but neither said carrier nor the vessel nor its owners, nor the agents of either shall be liable for loss or detention of, or injury to any baggage or property of passenger whether occasioned by the negligence of said carrier of the vessel or Its owners or of the officers, agents or employees of either or by other cause until delivered Into the custody of said carrier at its wharf, and then only when caused by negligence of said carrier or the vessel or Its owners or of the officers, agents or employees of either and not to an amount exceeding said total of $50, for each adult passenger which is hereby agreed upon as the value thereof, unless the same shall be accepted and shipped as freight upon payment of an additional charge under a special agreement.

12. Gold and silverware, watches, jewelry, and other valuables, also money in excess of $5.00 shall not be carried as baggage but must be specially delivered to the captain of the steamer for safekeeping: until that is done neither said carrier nor the vessel nor its owners nor the agents of either shall be liable for any loss or detention of, or-Injury to, the same.

13. All suits against the said carrier or the vessel or its owners or the agents of cither for the recovery of baggage or property or damage for loss or delay of, or injury to, the same or for personal Injury to or detention of any passenger shall not be maintained thereafter notwithstanding any provision of the law of any shall be commenced within ninety days after the termination of the voyage, and country to the contrary.

14. All baggage must be properly and legibly marked with the name and address of the owner, and In case of failure to do so, any loss or detention of, or injury to, the same shall be conclusively deemed to be the fault of the passenger.

15. Passengers are subject to the laws and regulations of the Governments of the countries through which they travel.

16. In case of sickness upon the voyage, passengers are entitled to medical attendance and medicines furnished by the carrier through the ship's surgeon free of charge, but the carrier does not assume any responsibility for consequences of medical or surgical treatment.

17. Passengers arriving at the port of embarkation without having reserved room in advance do so at their own risk and responsibility. If passengers do not travel by » the vessel on which room has boon reserved without notifying the carrier to this effect. In time (8 days), this contract becomes void, and the amount paid for same is forfeited.


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