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Passage Contract - Antwerp to New York - 10 August 1912

Immigrant 3rd Class Steamship Ticket - 1912 - Red Star Line

Immigrant 3rd Class Steamship Ticket - 1912 - Red Star Line.

Summary of Passage Contract

  • Date of Purchase / Voyage: 10 August 1912
  • Steamship Line: Red Star Line
  • Steamship: RMS Zeeland
  • Route: Antwerp to New York
  • Ticket Type: Passage Contract
  • Voyage Class: Third Class
  • Name on Contract: Josef Aronawitz
  • Etnicity of Passenger(s): Russian
  • Contract Terms: Translated from Dutch
  • Cost of Ticket: Not Stated


Passage Contract Details

Red Star Line
Regular and Direct Service between
Antwerp & New York

Manifest No. 577

Names and Baby Names | Age

Aronawitz, Josef | 24

Adults: 1 | Children 1-12 years: 0 | Infants of 12 months: 0

Hometown: [Biolc]
Country: [Russia]

Antwerp, 10 August 1912

Received the amount indicated in the margin with which the undersigned agree to be transported from Antwerp to New York in accordance with the laws and regulations both Belgium and countries of destination, the persons named above against.

S'effectuers transport from Antwerp to New York in the 3rd class of the steamboat called [RMS Zeeland] ____ ____ ______ captain of the Red Star Line in New York for the start of which is set in Antwerp _________________________________.

The price of passage includes:

  1. The passage to the port of destination, including free use of a mattress with pillow, a blanket and utensils made of tin.
  2. The regulatory food from Antwerp to port of destination.
  3. The transport of 100 kg of personal baggage per adult. The excess must be paid at a rate of 31.25 to 100 kg.
  4. All fees collected on both emigrants boarding at port of destination latter known as the "Head Tax Money and Hospital. "

The undersigned state that they have also received the amount indicated in the margin with which they undertake to carry the same people from New York to _______________ by rail 3rd Class (emigrant train) or channel with 150 pounds of baggage free and the facilities of the Red Star Line in New York, the responsibility of each company is limited to transportation routes made on its lines.

Courtesy of The Bears - Susan, Fred, Jordon & Michale. Fred's maternal grandfather's steamship passage from Antwerp to New York, August 10, 1912. We come from many places, but are one people.

Ellis Island Passenger Record

  • First Name : Josef
  • Last Name : Aronawitz
  • Nationality : Russia, Hebrew
  • Last Place of Residence : Biolc, Russia
  • Date of Arrival : August 20th, 1912
  • Age at Arrival : 24y
  • Gender : Male
  • Marital Status : Single
  • Ship of Travel : Zeeland
  • Port of Departure : Antwerp
  • Manifest Line Number : 0007
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