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Purchaser's Receipt for Prepaid Passage - Bremen to New York - 10 October 1891

Immigrant's Prepaid Passage Receipt from Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 1891

Immigrant's Prepaid Passage Receipt from Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen 1891 Oelrichs & Co., General Agents.

Purchaser's Receipt for Prepaid Passage Summary

  • Date of Purchase / Voyage: 10 October 1891 / August 1893
  • Steamship Line: Norddeutscher Lloyd
  • Steamship: SS Trave
  • Route: Bremen to New York via Southampton
  • Ticket Type: Purchaser's Receipt for Prepaid Passage
  • Voyage Class: 3rd Class
  • Name on Contract: Albert August Komhoff
  • Etnicity of Passenger(s): German
  • Contract Terms: Limited
  • Cost of Ticket: $24.00 / $704.00 in 2020 USD


Norddeutscher Lloyd Steamship Co.

New York and Bremen Fast Express Steamer (Schnelldampfer) Line

Oelrichs & Co., General Agents, 2 Bowling Green, New York City


Date and Place of Issue: NY 10 October 1891

Received from Mr. Caskorntuoff ??

subject to the conditions printed on the back of this and in the notice attached, and with the understanding that in case of mistakes in figuring rates the passenger is entitled only to such part of the payments and transportation as is provided by the money paid.

the sum of Twenty Four 00/100 to cover 1) payment of $ --- to the passenger; 2) payment to passenger of the cost of transportation in ---- class from BREMEN; 3) transportation thence in 3rd Class of one of the Steamers of the NORDDEUTSCHER LLOYD to NEW YORK, and 4) transportation from NEW YORK in EMIGRANT TRAIN to --- for, --- persons, as in margin

Signature /s/ Max Shraug, Agent

Name [of Immigrant Passenger]: Albert August Komhoff AGE: Not Stated

Purchaser's Receipt for Prepaid Passage. See other side and read carefully.

Back of Prepaid Passage Receipt from 1891


Keep this Receipt, as unless it is returned, there can be no rotund of the money. In the event of a refund, the customary deduction will be made. No refund to be made until this certificate is canceled on the books of the Norddeutscher Lloyd in Bremen.

This certificate becomes void and the money is forfeited a year from the date of its issue.

The passenger has to wait at home until the Norddeutscher Lloyd in Bremen send him instructions and the needful tickets and papers; if the passenger disregards this condition, all expense incurred thereby is to be charged to the purchaser of this certificate.

The price paid for transportation does not include subsistence or lodging while in transit, except on the trip from Bremen to New York, or from Southampton to New York.

Baggage, while in transit, is at the risk of the passenger. Excess of baggage must be paid for by the passenger.

If it is found on the arrival of the passengers in Bremen or in Southampton that the children are older than represented hereon. and he passengers cannot pay for the additional ocean fare, and have neither the means to stay in Bremen nor to return to the old home, the Norddeutscher Lloyd S. S. Co. are empowered to pay passengers a sufficient amount to carry hem back to the point where they started from; such amount to be charged to the purchaser of this certificate.

Passengers in steerage must supply themselves with blankets, as well as eating and washing utensils, at their own expense.

German R. R. fare, it paid for, will be furnished only by paying passenger the money value thereof, as Rail Road tickets on the Continent can be had for cash only at the station a short time before the train starts.

Other Language translations were German, Danish, Bohemian, Slavokian and Swedish.

Passenger Record

  • First Name : Albert
  • Last Name : Kanf...
  • Nationality : Germany, German
  • Date of Arrival : August 25th, 1893
  • Age at Arrival : 15y
  • Gender : Male
  • Ship of Travel : Trave
  • Port of Departure : Bremen & Southampton
  • Manifest Line Number : 0262

Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2020, the relative values of $24.00 from 1891 ranges from $642.00 to $32,200.00.

simple Purchasing Power Calculator would say the relative value is $704.00. This answer is obtained by multiplying $24 by the percentage increase in the CPI from 1891 to 2020.

This may not be the best answer.

The best measure of the relative value over time depends on if you are interested in comparing the cost or value of a Commodity, Income or Wealth, or a Project.

If you want to compare the value of a $24.00 Commodity in 1891 there are three choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real price of that commodity is $704.00
  • labor value of that commodity is $4,090.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $5,870.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • income value of that commodity is $6,290.00
  • economic share of that commodity is $32,200.00

If you want to compare the value of a $24.00 Income or Wealth, in 1891 there are four choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real wage or real wealth value of that income or wealth is $704.00
  • relative labor earnings of that commodity are $4,090.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $5,870.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative income value of that income or wealth is $6,290.00
  • relative output value of that income or wealth is $32,200.00

If you want to compare the value of a $24.00 Project in 1891 there are three choices. In 2020 the relative:

  • real cost of that project is $642.00
  • labor cost of that project is $4,090.00 (using the unskilled wage) or $5,870.00 (using production worker compensation)
  • relative cost of that project is $6,290.00
  • economy cost of that project is $32,200.00

Source: Samuel H. Williamson, "Seven Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1790 to present," MeasuringWorth, 2022.

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