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Passenger Transport Notification - 1922

Passenger Transport Notification - Hamburg Amerika Linie 1922

Abteilung Personenverkehr Telegramme Hapag Hambur

Freischein Liste 67139 Nr. 12575

Is wird ersucht, in der Antwort vorstehende Nummer anzugeben.

Von Amerika erhielten wir den Austrag, Ihnen
Für 1 über 10 Fahre alte person

Die von Ihnen zu zahlende Gebühr für das amerikanische visum beträgt Dollars 10.

Die nächsten Abfahrten von Hamburg nach New York belieben Sie aus dem anliegenden Fahrplan zu ersehen.

Ausweispapiere: Sie benötigen eines Reisepasses Ihrer heimatsbehörde, welcher mit einer Eintragung versehen sein muß er zur Ausreise von Hamburg nach New York bis zum Abfahrtstage des gewählten Damfers oder tunlichst eine Woche länger gilt. Der so ausgestellte Deutsche Daß muß von einem in Deutschland befindlichen amerikanischen konsul visiet werden. Amerikanische konsulate, genannt United States.

English Translation

Passenger Transport Department telegrams Hapag Hamburg Free ticket list 67139 No. 12575 Is is invited, in the answer above is number. From America, we received the discharge, you For 1 through 10 Ferry old person The fee to be paid to you for the American visa is the 10th Dollars The next departures from Hamburg to New York to choose from the adjacent road map to left.

ID papers: You will need a passport to your heimatsbehörde (Homeland) which a registration will be accepted he must exit from Hamburg to New York until the day of departure elected Damfers tips or a week longer applies. The so-Deutsche That must be issued by an American in Germany is visiet consulted. American Consulate called United States

Passenger Transport Notification - 1922 - Back Side

Confidential offices, arrived in Berlin, Bremen, Wroclaw, Dresden, Frankfurt a. M., Hamburg, Koblenz, Cologne, Königsberg, Leipzig, Munich, Stettin and Stuttgart. At one of these American consular offices, you have to apply for the insertion of the American sherbouyer's office, either in writing or orally.

You will then be asked to collect your documents in full, with the following documents: travel passport, birth certificate (if married, marriage certificate or a certified copy thereof), medical certificate, police certificate and three photographs as well as the affidavit received from America or letters or letters Documents of citizens of the United States, in which, as in the Affidavit, the reason for maturity is stated.

The nationality of the author folder letters or documents must be authenticated fine.

Poster presentation: As soon as you have a passport provided with an American standard, please let us or the agency mentioned below, along with a truthfully filled out questionnaire, indicate on which steamer you wish to have your passport loaded. Only after you have received notice by letter or telegraph that space is occupied for you, may you travel to Hamburg.

Anyone arriving here without such notice must bear the consequences themselves and, if the steamer is well-ordered, pay the high resident's allowance in Hamburg until the departure of the next ship bearing the placard.

Submitted in Hamburg: In Hamburg you must arrive no later than 3 days before departure of the steamer, so that here the prescribed medical examination, disinfection matters luggage etc. can be done.

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