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Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card - Steerage Passenger - 1912

Steerage Passenger Inspection & Vaccination Card - Canadian Port of Entry - 1912

Steerage Passenger Inspection & Vaccination Card - Canadian Port of Entry (Quebec) - 1912 for Immigrant William (Wm.) Cudby on the SS Corsican Departing from Liverpool 27 June 1912 and Arriving in Quebec 4 July 1912. He Cleared Immigration the Following Day. Immigration Documentation Collection, Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives. GGA Image ID # 776afd26e4

Canadian Immigrant Inspection Card issued in 1912 to a steerage passenger on board the Allan Line SS Corsican. Card provided essential information including name of immigrant, Steamship, port and date of departure. The card was intended to be kept by the immigrant for three years. It would be shown to government officials whenever required.

Steerage Passenger Inspection Card for Immigration Officer at Port of Arrival in Canada

Name of Immigrant: William (Wm.) Cudby

Name of Ship: Corsican (Allan Line)

Sailing From: Liverpool

Date of Sailing: 27 June 1912

Country of Last Permanent Residence: Not Indicated

Name appears on Manifest, Page 6 Line 4

Medical Examination Stamp: July 5 1912 Passed Medical Examination, Port of Quebec, Canada

Civil Examination Stamp: July 4 1912 Immigration Office, Dominion Government Quebec

Inland Exchange Order Stamp: Salvation Army Immigration July 5 1912 Quebec, QUE

Vaccination Protected /s/ W. Birch Cabey, Ship's Surgeon

Reverse Side

Instructions for Steerage Passengers in 12 Languages

Instructions for Steerage Passengers in 12 Languages
GGA Image ID # 41a024f03e

Instruction for Immigrant printed in English, Bohemian, Russian, Rutheanian, German, French, Dutch, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish, Italian, and Arabic.

"This card should be kept carefully for three years. It should be shown to government officials whenever required."

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