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Handbook for Travelers, Ocean Records, May 1923

With this Edition, OCEAN RECORDS enters the third year of its career of usefulness to the traveling public. Not only among readers of WORLD TRAVELER, hut among travelers generally, the little handbook has made acquaintances and friends, until the latter are actually numbered by hundreds of thousands.


OCEAN RECORDS: A Pocket Handbook for Travelers



May, 1923



Contents by Section

Ocean Records: A Pocket Handbook for Travelers, Fifth Edition
  1. Abord Ship
  2. American Customs Regulations
  3. American Immigration Law
  4. Atlantic Steamship List
  5. Barometer and Thermometer
  6. Cab, Taxicab Frares - European Cities
  7. Cable (Wireless) Rates
  8. Clouds - Twelve Classifications for the Ocean Traveler
  9. European Railways
  10. Flags and Funnels of Steamship Lines
  11. Heads of Euroepan Countries
  12. London, Pairs, Pullmans - Trains De Luxe
  13. Mariners Compass
  14. Nautical Terms
  15. Pacific Steamship Services
  16. Passports
  17. Three-Mile Limit, Auction and Other Pools, and Professional Gamblers
  18. Travel Suggestions

Detail Contents

  • Announcement 7
  • Aboard Ship 19
  • Africa. Northern, and Egypt 64
  • Africa, South 80
  • Air Lines, European 47
  • Ambassadors, Ministers and Diplomatic Agents, American. 50
  • Asiatic Mainland 72
  • Ahletics and Sports, 1922 92
  • Australia 80
  • Baggage Allowance on European Railways 47
  • Barometer 25
  • Cab and Taxicab Fares in European Cities 53
  • Cable Rates 19
  • Ceylon 78
  • Changing the Clock 27
  • Clouds 25
  • Compass, Mariner's 24
  • Consulates, American. In Europe 52
  • Consulates, Foreign in New York City 15
  • Consulates, Foreign, in London 51
  • Cuba, Caribbean and Gulf 64
  • Currency, European 44
  • Currency, Orient al 78
  • Currency of South & Central American & Caribbean Countries 68
  • Currency, Worthless 45
  • Customs Regulations, American 61
  • Customs Regulations, Foreign 42
  • Cyclopedia, Seagoing: The Earth — Languages—United States and its Possessions—Presidential Election of 1920—President's Cabinet—Salaries of American Officials—America's War Casualties and Naval Losses—Public Debt of United States—American Legion—League of Nations--World Court—Peace With Germany—Freedom of the Seas — Disarmament Conference — Suez Canal —Panama Canal — Rhodes Scholarships — Nobel Prizes—Europe's Great Classic Horse-races—Kilometers and Kilograms—Famous European Tunnels—Alcoholic Content — Horse-power — Roundthe-World Record—Athletics and Sports, 1922 Across America by Aeroplane 82
  • Deck Games 28
  • Distances by Days and Hours (Pacific) 76
  • Distances by Hours (Europe) 59
  • Distances Visible at Sea 29
  • European Countries, Heads of 60
  • European Railways 46
  • European Railways, Baggage Allowance 47
  • Egypt and Northern Africa 64
  • Fees on Shipboard (Atlantic) 41
  • Gamblers, Professional 23
  • Guilt Stream 39
  • Hawaii 68
  • Icebergs 40
  • Immigration Law, American 63
  • Land, First Sight of 41
  • Largest Bodies of Water 31
  • Latitude and Longitude 26
  • London to Paris 53
  • Mails, 'rime Required by 60
  • Mcasuring by Sound 26
  • Nautical Terms 20
  • New York, Seeing 96
  • New York, Taxicab Fares 98
  • New Zcaland S 0
  • Occan Depths 31
  • Ocean Greyhounds That Cut Records 32
  • Occan Lanes and Distances 29
  • Orient, The 68
  • Orient and scar East, Rulers in 78
  • Passports 12
  • Passport Formalities Here and in Europe 13
  • Passports, where viséed in Paris 51
  • Passenger and Postal Air Lines of Europe 47
  • Plimsoll Mark 39
  • Pools, Auction and Other 23
  • Porters 46
  • Port to Port 30
  • Postage, Rates of 49
  • Pullmans and Trains de Luxe 53
  • Ships, Biggest 32
  • Ships, Tonnage of 31
  • Ships, World's Tonnage 32
  • South America 65
  • South America, Normal Values of Currency Standards 68
  • South Sca Islands, Australia and New Zcaland SO
  • Steamships, Historic 38
  • Steamship List, Atlantic 15
  • Steamship Services, Pacific 18
  • Taxicab Fares in Europcan Cities 53
  • Taxicab Fares in New York City 98
  • Tender 42
  • Thermometer, Reading the 25
  • Three-Mile Limit 23
  • Tides 26
  • Time, Difference in 28
  • Time, Ship's 27
  • Train Time in Europe 47
  • Transatlantic Records, Earlier 33
  • Transatlantic Voyages, Air 38
  • Transatlantic Voyagcs, Record 33
  • Traveler's Log 34
  • Travel Suggestions 9
  • Wind, Velocity of 26
  • Wireless Telegraph 29
  • World Traveler 98



Fifth Edition

With this Edition, OCEAN RECORDS enters the third year of its career of usefulness to the traveling public. Not only among readers of WORLD TRAVELER, hut among travelers generally, the little handbook has made acquaintances and friends, until the latter are actually numbered by hundreds of thousands.

The world-wide distribution of the book is not infrequently attested by the receipt of requests for copies from out-of-the-way parts of the globe. Many travel agencies use it, and of late it has been paid the compliment of imitation. It may be necessary to draw the attention of the imitators to our copyright notice. Numerous public libraries are using OCEAN RECORDS as a work of reference, and we have reason to believe that the little volume is fulfilling the design of its compiler, which was to make it of the greatest possible value to the greatest number of people.

The passport nuisance still continues unabated, particularly the matter of requiring visas, and this provides a serious drawback to travel. Between certain European countries which were our Allies during the War, the travel of their citizens or subjects is unhindered by such formalities. It is still the case that few countries—the number in Europe we believe is actually three—will permit an American to enter them without having his passport viséed at "so much per." These irksome formalities and charges will, for the most part, disappear if the United States initiates a movement toward that end.

So thoroughly was the material re-cast for the Fourth Edition, published last December, that for the present edition only such changes have been made as are necessary to bring the information contained thoroughly up to date.

If travelers find that, in spite of our efforts to be exact with information given, schedules have been revised, or other changes made since this edition went to the printer, we should like to be advised to that effect.


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