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O'Day Widgeon Sailboat with Specifications and Standard Features (1967)

Getting ready for sailing on an O'Day Widgeon Sailboat

Large enough for parents to sail with their children, small enough for a youngster to handle alone or race with a crew — just two features that make Widgeon so popular. Add to that the fact that she's also trim, fast and lightweight — yet roomy, stable and sturdy, and you'll see why Widgeon was selected by Pleon of Marblehead, Mass. (America's oldest junior yacht club) for fleet use.

Widgeon will plane in moderate air, may be rigged with spinnaker or sailed as a sloop (jib or spinnaker), or with mainsail alone. Her kick-up rudder makes beaching easy; she's a cinch to car-top, haul and launch. There's flotation beneath bow and stern seats and all around the gunwale. Great for camp, adult, junior, expert or racer.

The O'Day Widgeon Sailboat


The O'Day Widgeon Sailboat in Action

The Hull of the Widgeon Sailboat

Top and Side Diagrams of the O'Day Widgeon Sailboat


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